Tom Ford Drake Lipstick review – even hotter than the Hotline Bling!

Tom Ford is a luxury fashion and beauty brand name. The most famous products from Tom Ford are lipsticks, suits, perfume, cologne, sunglasses, shoes and many more, especially lipsticks. The price to get a Tom Ford lipstick is not low as this is a luxury brand. You have to pay at least $36 for a lipstick and $54 to have more choices. However, people still go crazy for it. The Tom Ford hype has never been stopped. In addition, a Tom Ford lipstick is always an ideal gift to give your loved ones: mother, sisters, significant someone. It’s the brand where the Tom Ford Drake lipstick comes from. Before we go to Tom Ford Drake lipstick review, let’s check out its background brand.

Some information about Tom Ford – the founder:

Thomas Carlyle Tom Ford was born in  August 27, 1961 in Austin, Texas. He is an American fashion designer, film director, screenwriter and film producer.

In 1994, Tom served as the creative director at Gucci and later at Yves Saint Laurent in 1999. He launched his eponymous luxury line of menswear, beauty, eyewear, and accessories in 2006, named “Tom Ford”. The customer of Tom Ford brand name is discribed as international, cultured, well traveled and high-income class. In an interview, he said a quote for women: “strong women, … intelligent women who know their own style”.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

In March 2005, Tom Ford announced to the public that he launched of his film production company. He also succeeded in his career as a film director with 2 films: A Single Man (made in 2009) and Nocturnal Animals (made in 2015).

He has had totally 34 awards and nominations recognized by important design and cultural councils worldwide for a long period of time from 1995 to 2016.

Tom Ford Beauty

Tom Ford launched his first Tom Ford beauty in 2006 with the daring fragrance and black orchid. Six months later, he formed his uber-luxe private Blend Collection to bring unconventional scents as the true connoisseur of fragrance. Today, there are six signature fragrances for both women and men and private Blend Collection also continues to inspire and define luxury fragrance with variety new scents including the Jardin Noir Collection. Tom Ford make a foray into color with the Private Blend Lip Color Collection in 2010 which surpassed all sales expectations around the world. Today, he also complete his collection of skin treatments, makeup with ravishing color will help any woman achieve potent and modern glamour that expresses their unique look in the best way.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

What brings Tom Ford Lipstick to the position it is today?

Luxury brand name:

The fundamental principle of Tom Ford Lipstick is that luxury and exclusivity about the quality and service of the goods being sold. That will never change at all. The service to the exceptional customer and the luxury products will still be made beautifully made. In most luxury areas, the instant gratification has become a part of the success. And, luxury survice is not have to wait at all. Both the survice and product make Tom Ford luxurious and worthful.

Fancy design:

The second important thing we are going to mention is the design of Tom Ford Lipstick. It makes a considerable contribution to the luxurious reputation of Tom Ford Lipstick. Lipstick always has dark brown or white with luxury gold trimming square tube. The top of the cap is extremely reflective that you can use it as an emergency mirror. It also has TF (Tom Ford) initials engraved on it. The packaging is weighty and sturdy. Besides the immaculate design, the most famous characteristic of Tom Ford lipstick tubes is the “click” sound when you snap the cap close. It sounds like when you close a luxury car door! Tom Ford’s design really inspires for women.

Variety of of lipstick lines:

There are 5 lines of Tom Ford Lipstick: Lip Color, Lip Color Matte, Lip Color Sheer, Lip Color Shine  and Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. The three most popular lipstick are Lip Color, Lip Color Matte and Lip Color Sheer because these ranges easily brush, have long lasting formulas and extremely variety of colors. Two unpopular ranges are  Lip Color Shine and Ultra Shine Lip.

High quality and natural formula:

The last thing makes Tom Ford Lipstick known as luxury cosmetic. These lipsticks have a wonderful, soft vanilla scent that’s not overpowering. The texture is creamy, incredibly pigmented and full, opaque coverage which can be achieved in the first swipe. They glide on your lips with a soft touch and leave a satin finish with a subtle sheen on your lips. The formula is so lightweight and smooth without slip, it’s such a pleasure to apply and you can feel very comfortable to wear it. The formula will dry down to a matte finish as the hours progress but your lips continue to feel soft and not drying at all. Lipstick don’t settle into fine lines nor any streaky, patchy application.

With soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil are the most special ingredients in the Private Blend Collection. Although Tom Ford Lipsticks may not be the most moisturizing lipsticks, they are certainly not drying at all. That’s why you don’t feel the need to layer a lip balm under. For paler shades, we suggest you apply straight from the tube and blend out with a lip brush. For brighter shades, you just dab the color to the center part of the lips and blend out by using a finger for a natural-looking finish. Staying power is remarkable as well. I get an average of 4 to 5 hours of wearing with minimal eating and drinking for darker shades and may be an hour or two less for paler shades.

Let’s move on to the part we all are waiting today: Tom Ford Drake lipstick review.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review:

Who said men cannot wear lipsticks? Tom Ford has changed all of that. In fact, there is a whole Tom Ford collection for men, which is Tom Ford Lip and Boys. He released100 new lipsticks — 50 Boys and 50 Girls — in little clutch-sized luxury tubes for your fall beauty pleasure.  In the Boys collection, he names each of the lipstick in this collection after the men he admires, intimates and collaborators. This collection has 50 shades and Tom Ford Drake is one of them.

The full range of this epic collection contains lipsticks that finish in cream, mattes, metallic, sheers, and “ultra rich.” The Boys lipsticks are in the dark mahogany-colored tubes and contain more of the pigmented and matte shades, and the Girls lipsticks in white tubes have more sheers and shimmers.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

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Tom Ford Drake lipstick review on packaging design quality:

There’s nothing to say more as it’s like other Tom Ford lipsticks: its design is luxury and its quality is always high. Tom Ford has high demands, Therefore we can trust what he makes. What is so special about this lipstick? What makes people go crazy for it? Keep on reading.

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Tom Ford Drake lipstick review on the name:

Who is Drake?

Do these photos remind you of something? Any melody? Any voice? Any weird dancing? Yes, that is Drake. The singer of the song “Hotline Bling”. That song became viral on the internet with the memes people make from it.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

However, he is not famous for being a meme. Actually Drake is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. Talented isn’t he? Drake also has had four songs being certified triple platinum in the U.S. for combined sales plus streaming units[.He has won 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and has been ranked by Complex at number one on their “Best Rapper Alive Every Year Since 1979” list, awarding Drake the accolade in 2011, 2012, and 2015. In 2017, he surpassed Adele’s record for most wins at the Billboard Music Awards in one night, winning 13 awards from 22 nominations

What is the tie between Tom Ford and Drake?

Drake’s a big fan of Mr. Ford’s accessories, having sported both his shoes and bracelets for his famous GQ spread in 2012. Oh, and then there’s his song named after Ford’s sensuous fragrance, “Tuscan Leather,” in which he also specifically name-drops the designer. Well, such a talented multi-tasking men with many nominations and awards and achievement and reputation. Also, he falls deeply in love with Toim Ford’s products too. This bond is surely worth a lipstick naming after him.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review on the shade:

Tom Ford Drake lipstick comes in the metallic violet-burgundy shade. Just like other high demanding shades Tom Ford has made, this shade is amazing —it’s like what we saw on the runways, rich lipsticks that show up on red carpets,… Surely, deep plummy shades are hot and look fancy.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

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How hot is Tom Ford Drake lipsticks, actually?

When Tom Ford released this shade, it was sold out after minutes. Just like his hotline bling. However, they promised more stock. Luckily we can still get this hot babe. And if you want more shades, there are more than 100 more for you too choose from.

Tom Ford Drake lipstick review Tom Ford Drake lipstick review

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Tom Ford Drake Lipstick review in general

Tom Ford is a luxury brand with high quality products. There’s nothing to doubt about this brand. Tom Ford lipsticks are the perfect gift for your loved ones. And in terms of lipsticks, he has made countess success. Besides Drake, there are other amazing lipstick shades and kits as well as gifts sets for you to choose from.

If you’re getting in to the high end makeup world, Tom Ford items are things you definitely should have. If not, then it’s time you treat yourself with a high quality and luxury lipstick to upgrade your look immediately.

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Tom Ford Drake Lipstick review – even hotter than the Hotline Bling!