[Shoes Sharing tips] 5 steps for the best shoes

What do you do when you choose the shoes in store? And, how do you know your steps are right? Take a look for this sharing tips bellow, it will help you to make your life better with the right steps to choose right pair of shoes.

  1. Type

The first step must be the step to realize the purpose why you go to this store and why you choose shoes. Obviously, you will not want cowboy boots on if you are headed to the beach, but on the other hand, flip-flops are not appropriate in a pasture full of cattle. Here are some general suggestions for activities paired with suitable footwear you can read:

Hiking: Low cut boots, or brogans, with sturdy uppers, good ankle support, traction soles, and sufficient arch support.

Cold-weather outdoor activities: Look for traction again, and consider insulated and possibly water repellent boots. Because it is really cold outside then remember to choose the large shoes which is enough for thick socks. You may want to consider more than one pair of socks, instead of insulated boots, since multiple layers will keep your feet warmer, but if the temperature rises during the day, you can remove a layer so that your feet don’t sweat too much.

Sneaker shoes: That type is the most popular types that everyone likes with specialized shoes for almost every sport, such as tennis, golf, basketball, soccer, skateboarding, and even bowling,so you will probably be better off talking to a knowledgeable sales person at a shoe store to find the most suitable type for a specific need.

Dress shoes: In some cases, you have to join the ceremonies or parties, and of course you should wear dress shoes. But you should consider how much walking will be involved in your plans, and choose shoes that are comfortable. For men, generally black or brown shoes will work with most business or evening attire, but ladies will most likely want to find a color and heel height which compliments their apparel.


Shoes sharing tips
Which is your purpose with that shoes
  1. Which it made from?

Next step after clarify your purpose to use this shoes, you should think about the material the sole is made from. In many ways, soft soled shoes are generally quieter and more comfortable than stiff soles. Some very hard soled shoes will mark hard surfaced flooring like vinyl composition tiles, and in some instances, such as hospital environments, the tapping of hard soles can be disturbing to people in the workplace, as well as patients.

  1. Is it fit?

The important step that affect to your future with this shoes is consider whether is it fit or not. Have your feet properly measured for shoes to fit correctly. If you have a chance to try this in the store, remember to try this first. But if you are not allowed to try this, that means you just can looking at the length and width. Not all feet are created equal, and many people find that their feet are not symmetrical, which may even mean buying a different sized shoe for each foot.

Shoes sharing tips
Consider are shoes fit or not
  1. Do you like that style?
shoes sharing tips
Choose the material of shoes

That step is as important as other steps. You have to decide the style and type of shoes which is your cup of tea. If you like, you will protect it and especially, you are likely to feel happy when you wear it of course. Put both shoes on, lace them up, and stand in them for a few moments. Wiggle your toes to make sure they have sufficient space to keep them from being cramped. Walk around a little bit to get a feel for the balance. That is the tips for you if you are still considering whether you like it or not: let ask mother or your friends when you tried the shoes, they will give you the best answer and recommend. Anyway, just do if you really like or you will regret not doing this.

  1. Bargain
shoes sharing tips
Shoes size chart

Last but not least, make the price be suitable as you expect. Don’t let price be the sole criteria for your selection. Cheap shoes will not last as long, or be as good for your feet, as will more expensive, better quality ones. But you should consider the price to decide you should bargain or not.

Those are 5 steps for you to choose the best shoes which is really fit and suitable for you. And of course, you can reference and take yours.

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[Shoes Sharing tips] 5 steps for the best shoes