Shades of pink lipstick for all skin tones – must read before buying!

We have written so much about red lipsticks: the perfect shade of red for youred lipstick for olive skinred lipstick for dark skinhow to wear red lipstick like a classy fashionishta the secrets to Taylor Swift red lipstick, … and so on. Now that you’ve already found your perfect red lipstick . . . and have bought several backup tubes, in addition to deeper crimson shades and vampy burgundies. However, there is another amazing lipstick color too, which is pink. Just like red, there are many shades of pink lipstick.

Why should we know the best pink lipstick for us?

What does the color pink represent?

While red represents power, danger, passion and love, pink represents caring and compassion and love as well.

According to colormeaning , pink stands for unconditional love and understanding. Pink is also associated with giving and receiving care. Pink is a combination of red and white, so both colors add a little to its characteristics. Therefore, it gets the lust for action from the red color, and the white color gives it an opportunity to achieve success and insight. Passion and power from the color red, softened with the purity and openness of the white color completes pink color meaning. The deeper the pink color, the more passion and energy it radiates.

Pink lipsticks give a softer impression than that of red lipsticks. While red is usually sexy, attractive,…  Pink is more naive, comforting and cute. Sometimes if you want to go for a cuter look, get a pink lipstick! Now let Win That Look help you figure out which is the best pink lipstick for you.

shades of pink lipstick

Just like red, there are different shades of pink lipstick:

From bright corals to barely-there nudes, no matter what your skin tone is, there’s always a pink shade out there that is perfect for you. But have you found the best pink lipstick for you yet? As many red lipsticks, pink lipstick also seems more particular that the options for pink are far more varying and confusing. It is making challenge for us to pick an ideal pick color.

On the other hand, whether you want a bold lips or more natural lips, pink hue is the impecqcable color for every occasion you wear it. Yet with such a wide variety of options, it can be nearly impossible to find the most flattering shade for your skin tone. Thankfully, you have got us, we will show you how pick your favorite pink lipstick.

But before we start, we have 3 steps to share with you: the first step before picking a pink lipstick is identifying your undertones; the next step clear knowledge about your skin tones; and the final steps is the confidence to dare pick up new color lipstick to wear . These steps not only help you easily pick the most perfect pink lipstick for you, but also show that you look like morden Princess with your pinks. Don’t be shy to renew yourself with new respects of make up that you never think about.

How to choose the perfect lipstick for you from various shades of pink lipstick?

Firstly, you have to think about the undertone of your skin – which is the color underneath your skin. Your skin’s undertone determine which pink hue raise your natural beauty. If you are clear your under tone, you will on the way to win this pink challenge.

It is the first step in the journey of picking pink lipstick. We will show you 2 ways to identify your skintone. And we also have 2 popular kinds of skintone: pink skintone and yellow skintone.

shades of pink lipstick

Identify your skintone by checking your veins

Now you look down your wrist, look at your veins. Tell us what color are they?

Blue Veins

They are blue veins. It is indicative of pink undertones.

Green Veins

They are green veins. It is indicative of yellow undertones.

Both Blue And Green Veins (Unknown)

They are both blue and green veins. It is indicative of neutral undertones (equal parts of pink and yellow undertones).

Identify Your Undertones by using your jewelry

Now I have a question for you: “Do you typically wear silver or gold?” your anwser will help you identify your skintiones.

Silver Jewelry

You look well with your silver jewelry collection. It is indicative of cooler, pink undertones.

Gold Jewelry

You look well with your gold jewelry collection . It is indicative of warmer, yellow undertones.


Now, we move on the next step to find the perfect pink. It is all knowledge about your skin  tone. Normally, your skin tone will fall into 3 major categories: fair, medium and deep skin tone.

Shades of pink lipstick for different skin tones:

Pink lipstick for fair skin tone:

Fair skin is easily burnt  in the sun. And you need to have a little bit patience when you pick the best pink lipstick for fair skin tones. Anyway, we will make it easier for you. You will look perfect with barbie, candy color, peachy, coral or light pinks. These shades are easy for you to look fantastic at any time of the day.

CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick in Bronzed Peach ($5.98)

Bronzed Peach is a beautiful shimmery peachy pink color without being iridescent. It is not too dark, not too bright and has a little shine in. This peachy pink of CoverGirl Continuous Color Lipstick is also one of the most beautiful and popular pink colors of this year. With mild and natural pink tone, it gives you a nice look. Make sure that you have a great lipstick in your lipstick collection. This shade is a light pink color that is not as deep as the peachy color of other lipsticks, but this pink is also quite easy to use and suitable for many complexion.

This creamy lipstick glides on your lips so smoothly. It has a moisturizing rich and long-lasting formula and contains vitamin A & E and colorful protection. You can wear it on every occasion such as an evening party, casual days or anywhere you want to move.

shades of pink lipstick

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Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick in Light Pink ($5.24)

Light Pink is very creamy pale pink. If the dark pink has become so familiar, red and orange hues of lipstisk are sometimes very choosy, then perhaps it is time for you to try this charm Light Pink of Nicka K New York Vivid Matte Lipstick. It is a favorite hue of modern girls in the world that never becomes old fashioned. You will be more attractive at the first look… Not so prominent as red lipstick, light lipstick brings a youthful, sweet, feminine appearance.

That is the best lipstick for fair skin with pink undertones.. A vibrant, bouncy pop bullet-proof color provides you a higher moisturing pigmentation for hours. That is a trendy and modern matte finish pink hue which gives you a full coverage nourishing with beeswax and then leaves your lips a comfortable and non-drying wear.

shades of pink lipstick

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Maybelline New York Color Whisper Lip Color Lipstick in I Crave Coral (retail for $4.20)

I Crave Coral shade is a beautiful peachy coral shade with a little orange. It looks like a perfect summer shade for you and contains very fine shimmers. The coral pink can beat a lot of other colors of lipstick with youthfulness, freshness without much of make up. When you wear it on, it instantly gives you a fresh touch and looks so cute on your lips.

It also can’t cover dark or pigmented lips so this shade looks so gorgeous with fair skin tones. The lipstick has a super smooth, soft, glossy texture  and a nice mild smell which easily glides on lips. It can stay for around 4 hours without eating, but we suggest that you should reappy after 3 hours.

shades of pink lipstick

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Pink lipstick for medium skin tone:

That is the good news for you if you have a medium skin tone. It means you can wear any pink color you like. It makes others really jealous! Because your skin is fairly neutral, you don’t have to worry about finding the right hue to your complexion. Pretty much everything will look perfect when you wear pink. But it still have the rule. The only rule for those of us who has medium complextion? You should not pick a pink lipsticks with blue and purple undertones. It will make you look washed out as the sick. Instead, we recommend you to choose a luscious, shimmery watermelon shade or a pinky nude.

 L’Oréal Paris’ Colour Riche Lipcolour Lipstick in Ballerina Shoes ($8.99)

Ballerina Shoes is a natural medium light pink color. This shade is quite picky hue, but it flatters your skin tone. Your teeth will look whiter. You also create many make up style with this shade. It is perfect for everday wear because it always gives you a fresh face. That’s why L’Oréal Paris’ Colour Riche Lipcolour Lipstick gives you extremely sexy lips with a distinctive pink.

The formula of this lipstick contains nourishing ingredients like Omega 3, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil. Your lips will not only look luscious and full, they’ll also be very  smooth.  It can be worn well between 2-3 hours.

shades of pink lipstick

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Nyx’s Butter Lipstick in Root Beer Float ($6.49)

It is a beautiful, pinkish brown shade which is suitable for charming girls. We can understand how Root Beer Float (Pops) of Nyx’s Butter Lipstick stir millions of girl’s heart. You want a sexy appearance without safe color lipstick, this shade will help you have a natural, youthful, modern look and full, beautiful lips.

Nyx’s formula is light weight but still delivers saturated color with a beautiful and kissable satin finish. That’s a combination between the texture of a butter lip balm and the pigment of a lipstick. Your lips never fell tight or dried because they was supplied fairly decent moisture. It can stay on your lip in 4 hours and fade a little from the fifth hour.

shades of pink lipstick

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Pink lipstick for deep skin tone:

Women with deep skin tones always look absolutely radiant in bright colors. You don’t be afraid a bold lips! A natural pink lipsticks will never be perfect with you. If you’re looking for a modern style, you should choose a bright pink with magenta or fuchsia undertones. For a daily look, you have to try lighter, purple-toned pinks. Don’t be shy to try bright pink colors lipstick, because you’ll look great in almost any pink colors.

Lancôme Rouge In Love Lipcolor Lipstick in #307B Sweet Embrace ($29)

Sweet Embrace is a nice and subtle creamy nude pink without much shimmers. When you hear nude shade, maybe you think quickly about a washed out face. Yup, nude color lipstick is quite difficult to use and combine with make up styles. Thanks to the color mixtures, we have Sweet Embrace which can solve this trouble for you.

Lancome’s formula offers up to 6 hours of wearing with radiant color without being heavy or cakey. It is completely comfotable for you to have a long hours working in dry office air. We recommend for you to wear every daytime. It can stay on your lips up to 6 hours without heavy eating or drinking.

shades of pink lipstick

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Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color Lipstick in Faint For Fuchsia ($7.49 )

It is a hot pink shade with perfect mix of purple shade of Maybelline’s Color. Faint For Fuchsia shade is true to its name. It is more pink when we test on the hand, but on the lip it is a very vibrant pink shade. It is not easy for your skin tone to suit this shocking pink, but we sure that this lipstick will draw many attention to your lips. You will get a tons of compliments beacause of your 90s girls look.

You’ll feel a chic matte finish with a creamy texture. Best of all, this pink lipstick contains wimany precious oils which makes your lips always feel fresh. The formula is also stellar with a pigmented, matte, creamy, and long-lasting lipstick.

shades of pink lipstick

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So, what do you think about our suggestion? The last rule for you is wearing pink lipstick with the confidence. Once you have worn lipstick a few times, you will get used to yourself with bright color on your lips like pink hues lipstick. Through this post, you you know how to identify your skin tone and undertone, and which shades of pink lipstick that can make you look prettier.

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Shades of pink lipstick for all skin tones – must read before buying!