You never know when you see someone for the last time.

Isn’t it scary knowing that any time could be the last time you talk to someone?

My colleague told me she lost her mom when she was 15. On that day everything was normal. She kissed her mom goodbye, her mom wished her a good day at school. After the classes finished, it was her uncle who came to pick her up, not mom, not dad like they always do.  Her uncle said her mom was sick, but she got a feeling like something worse had happened. She rushed home and couldn’t believe what she saw.  Her mom got a sudden stroke while she was studying at school. That morning turned out to be the last time her mom talked to her, kisses her and wished her a good day. She didn’t even prepare for the loss. If she had known she wouldn’t have much time left with her mom, she would have told her she loved her more and cherished every moment.

My best friend broke up with her 5-year first love after going abroad for 1 year. She got a chance to continue her study in another country. The day she left, he gave her a kiss and promised to wait for her. She didn’t think 2 years of long distance relationship would be a huge problem as they loved each other and in her mind that time, “it will be him, he will wait for me, we are the perfect match for each other, we had countless memories…” she didn’t know that was their last kiss. She told me “if I had known, I would have kissed him longer. Sometimes things happen but you can’t do anything about it.” He gave up on waiting after 1 year since she left.

It always saddens me to think about this. Life is so unpredictable.

Is it a curse or a blessing for human to have bond between hearts and souls, to be aware of life and death?

last time

We all know that life has a beginning, so it must have an end. Nobody lives forever. We know saying hello means you’ll have to say goodbye someday. The time we have with somebody is always limited, that’s why it’s precious. However, we’re too busy thinking about career, social status,…We have fallen many times on the path of growing up, we see potential pitfalls everywhere, we decided to trust something clear. Something that is visible. Something invisible like love and soul bond is taken for granted, until we realized we have lost it all.


“Everything You See, You May Be Seeing For The Last Time”: this line is in a movie called Warm Bodies, which is a solid interpretation of what humanity means when our hearts stop beating and then start up again. Without love, we’re nothing different from Zombies. If people keep that in mind and treat other people as if it’s the last time they see them, talk to them, as if it’ll be their last impression of you, as if it’s the last day you live, things will be better, there would be no more hatred towards life. Goodbye is inevitable, life is unpredictable, never hate someone even if they leave you, thank them for sharing a good time with you,  for the memories and keep what is good about them only.




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You never know when you see someone for the last time.