Red lipstick quotes: not just red, it’s a never ending literature inspiration p.2

Why red lipstick quotes?  Why part 2? As I have said in episode 1 of red lipstick quotes: not just red, it’s a never ending literature inspiration. Red is a color, lipstick is just a makeup product. However, when combined together, they become a symbol, an international unspoken language. If after reading part 1 you’re still hesiatate over getting yourself a red lipstick, then may part 2 of red lipstick quotes make you rush to find a red lipstick right away.

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What’s the meaning of red lipstick?

For those who havent read part 1, red is the color of power, charm, passion, danger and love. Red lipstick conveys the meaning of the color red as well as enhance every woman’s look immediately.

In the past, ever since makeup began, women around the world used the crimson lip shade. Red lipstick, since then, through all the triumphs and tragedies of the whole world, through the years and far away, has always been an icon of beauty, a symbol of charming, passionate and powerful women.

However, more than that, lipstick has also become an inspiration, a method of conveying unspoken messages. For literature, in particular, many many authors use the red lipstick when they describe a female character to reveal her personality and characteristics, without saying it directly. Just give hints and the rest, you’ll feel it by yourself, you’ll find out eventually. They don’t directly say it, the author let your imagination and heart fly, so that each of you, when reading their books, has your own thoughts and feelings. That’s the point of literature, of creative works.

Red lipstick quotes in literature:

Cat’s Eye, a novel from Margaret Atwood

“I have the window seat. In the two seats beside me are two old ladies, old women, each with a knitted cardigan, each with yellowy-white hair and thick-lensed glasses with a chain for around the neck, each with a desiccated mouth lipsticked bright red with bravado… They seem to me amazingly carefree. They have saved up for this trip and they are damn well going to enjoy it, despite the arthritis of one, the swollen legs of the other. They’re rambunctious, they’re full of beans; they’re tough as thirteen, they’re innocent and dirty, they don’t give a hoot. Responsibilities have fallen away from them, obligations, old hates and grievances; now for a short while they can play again like children, but this time without the pain.”

red lipstick quotesCat’s Eye is a 1988 novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood  is the story of Elaine Risley, a controversial painter who returns to Toronto, which is the city of her youth for a retrospective of her art. Disturbing, hilarious, and compassionate, “Cat’s Eye, ” is a breathtaking novel of a woman grappling with the tangled knots of her life.

Homesick for Another World, a book from Ottessa Moshfegh

“Every time I saw Lacey, she’d gained five more pounds. She was turning into the kind of obese girl who does her hair like a forties pinup and wears bright red lipstick, a blue polka-dot dress with a white doily collar, colorful tattoos across her huge, smushed cleavage, as if these considerations would distract us from how fat and miserable she’d become.”
red lipstick quotesHomesick For Another World is a collection of fourteen short stories by Ottessa Moshfegh.Ottessa Moshfegh’s debut novel Eileen was one of the literary events of 2015. 

While You Were Mine, a book from Ann Howard Creel

“After paying Lisen what Alice owed her, I was cash poor. And the full rent for the apartment sat on my shoulders like a lead weight. I had to find a reliable roommate who would share expenses and accept that an infant lived in the place, too. I started by posting a notice on the bulletin board at the hospital. Soon after, a nurse who was interested contacted me and we met over lunch. Dot and I sat in the green-walled hospital cafeteria on slatted chairs and opened our sack lunches. A saucy brunette who wore cat-eye glasses and red lipstick along with her fashionably bobbed hair and tweezed, blackened eyebrows, Dot had been sharing an apartment with four other women and wanted more space to herself. “

Stealing Beauty (Possessing Beauty #2), Madison Faye 

“Her lipstick was smudged, and there were noticeable bruises on her neck. My eyes went wide. “Oh my God! I hissed, what did you just—” “Me?” She raised a brow at me, her cheeks flushed bright red. “You’re missing a tie on the top of that gown, sis.” I felt my face go hot as I quickly glanced down and tied the last little bow on the front of my dress. “And”

Miss Glamora Tudor!: The New Chronicles of Barset: Book One, a book from Ilil Arbel

“The orange-red lipstick named “Hibiscus Frenzy” that was produced by a giant American corporation, which Glamora was paid to wear so that every factory and office girl in England and America and possibly Australia who aspired to look like her would buy it, glowed under the sun.”

Everything is Illuminated, a novel from Jonathan Safran Foer

“Sofiowka was found the next morning, swinging by the neck from the wooden bridge. His severed hands were hanging from strings tied to his feet, and across his chest was written, in Brod’s red lipstick, ANIMAL”
red lipstick quotesEverything Is Illuminated is the first novel by the American writer Jonathan Safran Foer. It was adapted into a film of the same namestarring Elijah Wood and Eugene Hütz in 2005. This is the story of a young man arrives in the Ukraine, clutching in his hand a tattered photograph. He is searching for the woman who fifty years ago saved his grandfather from the Nazis. Unfortunately, however, he is aided in his quest by Alex, a translator with an uncanny ability to mangle English into new forms; a ‘blind’ old man haunted by memories of the war; and an undersexed guide dog named Sammy Davis, Jr, Jr. What they are looking for seems elusive – a truth hidden behind veils of time, language and the horrors of war. What they find turns all their worlds upside down…

Dangerous Deception, a book by Katie Reus and Savannah Stuart

“The picture of her and her younger sister, which normally sat on her nightstand, was face down on the floor….
She pointed to the frame and looked at Steve. “Can I pick this up?”
“I’ll do it.”…
Ice slid through her veins when he turned it over. Written across the glass in her red lipstick were the words “you’re next.”

The Tower, a book by Gregg Hurwitz

“Little known fact and I’d learned this one early on. Mom had two voices. One was nurturing, sweet and nice, loving and gentle. That was the voice she’d used for whoever was on the phone just now. Actually, most people were on the receiving end of that voice. Most people meaning anyone who didn’t have a penis with the last name Scott.
“I think you could have a really good night tonight,” she said huskily. Jade’s eyes danced over her cheap outfit, taking in her costume jewelry and her ruby-red lipstick. “Yeah?” he said. “Thanks for the premonition.”

All the Winters After, a novel by Seré Prince Halverson

“… that same hardware and tackle shop his dad got lost in for hours while Kache waited in the truck, writing lyrics on the backs of old envelopes his mom kept in the glove compartment for blotting her lipstick. Kache had written around the red blooms of her lip prints.”
red lipstick quotes

Set in the majestic, dangerous beauty of Alaska, All the Winters After is the story of two bound souls trying to free themselves, searching for family and forgiveness.

When an Omega Snaps (A Lion’s Pride, #3), Eve Langlais

“Reaching the door to their room, he almost laughed at the sign haphazardly hung saying ‘Do Not Disturb’ and scrawled underneath in red lipstick, ‘Or Die’.
He couldn’t agree more.
The time had come for him to claim the woman who consumed him and beware the idiot who got in his way.

-Leo’s thoughts”

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story, Ree Drummond

“I headed to the church at five-thirty, wearing jeans, flip-flops, and brick red lipstick. My mom, calm and cool as a mountain lake, carried my white dress–plain and romantic, with a bodice that laced up corset-style in the back and delicate sheer sleeves. I carted in my shoes…my earrings…my makeup…and my exfoliating scrub, in case my face decided to pull a last-minute sloughing. I wasn’t about to roll over and take a last-minute sloughing without a fight. Not on my wedding day.”

It Ends with Us: A Novel, Colleen Hoover

“You know which part of you drives me the craziest?” He brings his fingers to my mouth and traces my smile. “These,” he says. “Your lips. I love how they’re as red as your hair and you don’t even have to wear lipstick.”
I grin and kiss his fingers. “I better watch you around my mom, then, because everyone says we have the same mouth.”
red lipstick quotes“Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you can simply stop loving them. It’s not a person’s actions that hurt the most. It’s the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear.” another quote from this book. Do you agree with Coollen Hoover on this?

The Red Car, a novel by Marcy Dermansky

“I was brand-new in San Francisco, right out of college, and I thought it was thrilling, a guy buying me a drink. I didn’t think, how tacky, this creep is buying me a drink. I thought, how amazing, I put on lipstick and a short skirt and look what can happen.”

The Princess Guide to Life, a book by Rosie Blythe

“Do that thing you always wanted to do “someday” in the future: get on a plane in your Jackie O shift dress and shades, take a train across Europe wearing red lipstick, buy that sporty two-seater car, spend your money on perfume. Otherwise you might wake up one day with a husband and kids and wonder what you did with all that free time you once had. And if you’re already experiencing the domestic bliss of family life, savour every moment.”

red lipstick quotes

The ultimate tips to live life like a beautiful and joyful princess from Rosie Blythe:
• How to dress for maximum impact – and why stylists get it wrong
• 6 types of toxic people and the surprising strategies you can use to deal with them
• How to make Valentine’s Day amazing when you’re single
• Budgeting so you can afford the wardrobe of your dreams
• How to use celebrity tricks to create a sexy aura of mystery and avoid answering questions you hate
• Why dependence on your phone is sabotaging your friendships
• How to make your home look stunning and feel inviting (even when it’s smaller than your cubicle at work)
• What nobody ever tells you about getting ahead in your career
• How to get what you want while convincing everyone you’re adorable

Apple Should Be Red, a novel by Penny Watson

“He leaned forward and bit her bottom lip. It was just the right size. He hated women with thin, judgmental lips. Smeared with dark red lipstick. Stingy and manipulative. Bev’s mouth looked ripe and vulnerable. He sucked on that soft lower lip for a few seconds.”
red lipstick quotesPenny Watson presents an over-fifty romantic comedy novella. 21,000 words. Story includes copious profanity and botanical references.

Katie in Love, novel by Chloe Thurlow

“A girl’s red lips imitate the hot blood coursing through the lips of her labia, a sign that she is healthy and ready for breeding. She may not know that. He may not know that. But this is the design, the primeval impulse to redden our lips.”

red lipstick quotes


Have you got any red lipstick quotes that inspired you? Dont hesitate to share with us.





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Red lipstick quotes: not just red, it’s a never ending literature inspiration p.2