Why you should read book day by day?

What do you often do in your free time? Uploading photos on Instagram? Tweeting on twitter or reading showbiz magazines? If you just do it, you can not know how many benefits from the habit of reading book and how it affects to you when you exercise this habit everyday. So, why you should read book day by day?

  1. The most important reason to read every day is regular maintenance and updates for your brain.

You are the one who play an important role in making your brain, you body work softly everyday. Imagine your body is a piece of hardware and your brain is the organ that runs the software to operate your body and how you experience life – from making everyday decisions to how you feel about certain situations.

If you don’t read books everyday and don’t have the habit of reading seriously, your brain (seem as the machine) will be retention machine, and as a result, your body will be the same. I am sure that you don’t want your software in your body have the lame trouble in what I mentioned. Benefits of reading book will bring you to the better situations than that trouble.

benefits of reading book
Books will hear your pain
  1. Happiness

Reading brings the feeling for human and that is the important part of benefits of reading book. With the large variety of genres, there’s something for everyone. Fancy some action? A drama in which you can find characters to identify with, because you feel sad and lonely? Something more down-to-earth, like a reportage about a country or a historical period you’re interested in? Just find the right shelf at the library.

benefits of reading books
Book is your happiness
  1. Training personality

What do you know about personality? About yours, family’s and friends’ ? The benefits of reading book will tell you about the personality. Personality is not something you are born and blessed or cursed with forever, till the end of your days. Yes, there are tendencies hard to get rid of, patterns being repeated, mistakes we just can’t help but making all over again.

Through working on ourselves, we can change things. One of the methods is reading. According to studies made by researchers from University of Toronto, reading can change some personality traits. Romance novels, for example, are likely to promote empathy. Not only romance novels though. Reading any artistic literature can make people more empathetic and understandanding, because the process itself is like a conversation, getting to know a person. It also encourages readers to examine their own emotions and behaviors and makes them more open to new experiences.

  1. Worth your free time

As the question mentioned, what do you do in your free time? Why spend time scrolling through a selection of memes on your phone, or being outraged at Justin Bieber’s latest antics, when instead you could be immersed in a book?

Just take one hour a day for reading book instead of checking notifications from facebook or instagram, you will have the habit of reading in few months.

  1. Knowledge for yourself

A secret official rule of all pub quizzes is that there is always a question about some form of obscure book on them, and it is usually the question that determines victory for participants.

So give yourself a competitive edge by reading every book that interests you. And you will surprise when you know how books will bring to you and the benefits of reading book.

benefits of reading book
Books is your friends
  1. Motivation

Fictional characters can be a source of inspiration just like people met in the real life. You can learn from them, get influenced by their words and actions. Same with places, events and facts described in what you read. Let’s say you come across a book on Japanese culture or a novel with a main character who is a carpenter. Next day you might find yourself studying Japanese or making wooden chairs for your kitchen.

R.R. Martin said that: “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one”. A book can be the role that can heal your pain, be your friend when you feel lonely and especially, the habit of reading book day by day can help you change your life with the way you haven’t expected before.

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Why you should read book day by day?