Best simple tips to protect your hair from the sun damage

All of us know the importance of sunscreen and we slather it on from head to toe, but sometimes we do forget to protect our own head. Just like your skin, your hair needs protection too as the heat can really damage your precious strands. Here are some tips on how to protect your hair from the sun damage but you can still get the fabulous beachy look.

protect your hair from the sun damage

  1. The easiest way to protect your hair from the sun damage: wearing hats

This is probably the most obvious one, when you’re going to expose your hair to the sun for a long time, wear a nice wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off of your hair so that no sun rays can reach your hair. If it is wide enough, even your face!

protect your hair from the sun

“What if I don’t want to wear a hat? I want to leave your hair down for that fabulous beachy look”. Okay,  keep reading. There are some methods you can consider to apply when hitting the beach or pool to have fun in the sun.

  1. Change your parting:

Make sure you cover your part when you’re out in the sun. Also try to alternate the way your part hair from day to day to avoid exposing one area to the UV rays for too long.

  1. Moisture is key to protect your hair from the sun:

Before you hit the sun outside, you can wet your hair completely and thoroughly applying a leave-in conditioner, your hair will absorb the conditioner instead of the chlorine or salt water. Choose a sulfate free conditioner to not only protect your hair but also restore damage.

  1. The protecting shield from the sun damage:

Just like sunscreens for your skin, there are so many products to protect your hair from the sun nowadays that can both moisturizes and  shields your hair from UV rays. Use hair products with SPF. Spray it generously throughout your hair and you are good to go!

  1. Treat your hair well with a mask

The sun’s rays are originally harsh, even if you don’t go the beach everyday, your hair can still get damaged even if you just expose it to the sun. You can use products to protect your hair from the sun naturally, for example use a good hair mask once a week to take care of your hair and keep the moisture. Sometimes if you stay outdoor for a long period of time, you can switch to a more heavy duty mask or conditioner as soon as possible afterwards, the heat leaves the cuticle open and more porous, so your hair will absorb the hydrating treatment and repair faster.

  1. Go easy with the shampoo

The oil your hair naturally produces protects it from the sun, so you don’t want to over-wash during the warmer months. Instead of lathering up daily, switch to a milder shampoo or a cleansing conditioner to clean your hair without stripping the cuticle of moisture, thus make your hair drier and more vulnerable against the sun.

  1. Cut down the heat styling

You can protect your hair from the sun damage naturally by sutting down the heat styling. Being in the sun is harsh enough for your hair, you don’t want to damage it further by styling your hair with hot tools, or else your hair will suffer, being  brittle, break easily, dehydrated and unmanageable. Give your hair a break especially in hot, humid weather. If you want to style your hair, try sleeping with a braid or a bun for an effortless beachy waves.


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Best simple tips to protect your hair from the sun damage