What are the preparations needed when you start yoga?

Regular yoga practice has many benefits for the human body, for example, practicing yoga creates mental clarity and calmness; increases body awareness; relieves stress; relaxes the mind; sharpens concentration…

Starting on yoga practice can be a little bit overwhelming in terms of establishments and preparations, here are some of what you should prepare for your first session.

The space:

If you are going to do yoga at home, find a clear, tidy and quite room, or you can also do it outdoor, as long as the surface is flat, and the environment is not noisy and in direct sunlight.

If you choose to start with a class then I suggest doing your research and gather information about the yoga class beforehand. You can check out the studio’s website or call directly for details about the class level, programs or any requirements.

The yoga mat:

The yoga mat is an essential. Your yoga mat supposed to keep you stable in your poses, it needs to be portable and cushy for your own comfort.

The clothes:

When you’re doing yoga, you need to be comfortable. You’re going to be moving into a variety of positions, and your clothes should not restrict your movement. Select a good top and pants will make your session go easy breezy.

Choose a top that covers you well. If you constantly need to adjust your shirt to keep yourself covered, it can be very distracting. You may want to layer tops when it gets a little bit chilly.

Don’t leave your bra! You need support while doing yoga. You can buy sport bras that are specifically for yoga, it needs to be lightweight and breathable.

You can wear a variety of pants when doing yoga. As long as it is not too tight or too loose. Try to go for something lightweight, so the fabric won’t get in your way.

Extra tips:

You don’t necessarily need to buy clothes. Yoga is about being comfortable and finding your center. If you already have clothes that you feel can move around easily, wear those to your session.

Choose colors that make you happy. Forget about everyone else. If you like the color, just rock it!


And dont forget, you should also:

Avoid eating for a few hours before class. Yoga instructors generally recommend that you do not eat right before class due to the extensive twisting and bending when you do yoga practice.

Drink some water before a yoga class.  You’ll want to avoid practicing yoga when dehydrated, your body will lose a lot of water. Therefore, remember to take sips  during the class if the instructor permits it.

Avoid using scented lotions and perfumes.  It can be troublesome for other class participants who may be allergic to or distracted by these scents. Everyone should have a good time when practicing together.

Bring your own towel. You may sweat a lot during a session.

Choose a time for a regular session. Yoga is best done regularly at the same time, so make sure you are choosing a time that will work well for your schedule.






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What are the preparations needed when you start yoga?