Orange red lipstick is not hard to mix and match if you master these tips

Orange-red is a street-style color, which based on red with a little youthful orange. Not too red, not too orange, we consider these is red-orange shades. Orange red lipstick is a versatile hue and it suits all skin tones from dark to fair complexion. A mass of famous people opted for punchy orange red lipstick for their appearance at events. There are plenty of shades and boldness, but the major option is longer-lasting matte fomulas. However, it is not easy to pinpoint which is perfect one. If you want to wear red in a modern way, choose one with a litte orange. So, let’s find some spot-on matches for orange red lipstick in this year!

Eye makeup for combining with orange red lipstick

Orange is the modest color for lips of this year. It is one of warm, bright and youthful shades  of lipstick seem to be everywhere from red carpets to beauty blogs. You seem be a bit of scary with the true orange, but we ensure that a little red in it will solve your trouble.

If you opted your orange-red lipstick and then you wondered: “Which eyes make up color I wear with my orange-red lipstick?”. In this post, we will give you some suggestions to help you answer your question.

Orange red lipstick with navy eyes:

This look is a suggestion from Taylor Swift. She is obsessed with red lipsticks. Therefore, orange red lipstick is not an exception and she should be the master of red lipstick mix-match. Navy is a subtle and lassic blue, which looks wonderful with orange-red lipstick. This eyes color is deep, while lips shade is bright. Clearly, it is a balanced combination that makes your face more attractive. We suggest you to add a bit of neutral grey eyeshadow to complete your eye makeup.
orange red lipstick

Orange red lipstick with gold eyes:

Gold eyes is a perfect option for a night out. To balance the lips and cast a glamour over everybody, you should opt for a subtle gold shimmer shadow on the lids. With a twinkling eyes, you will stand out from the crowd.

Orange red lipstick with brown eyes:

Brown shadow is a safe and favorite pick of many trendy girls. Paring red-orange lipstick with brown lids seems come back in a reminiscent look of 1970s. This color is easy to blend well with other eyes shadow colors.

Orange red lipstick with green eyes:

Green is another eyeshadow color that looks amazing with orange-red lipstick.  You shuold pay attention to time and date, it plays a decisive role in your appearance more or less green. We ensure that anytime you wear this color, your eyes really stand out and look vibrant!

Orange red lipstick with peach eyes:

It is a pretty pastel peach eye shadow and pair with a sheer orange-red lips color for a soft and subtle look perfect for sunny days. Peach eyes is a great look. Similar to other natural colors, peach gives your eyes some warmth and make you look more awake. And this is the best solution for losing sleep the night before.


Some best trendy clothing ideas of wearing orange red lipstick

Orange red lipstick with black

With  a orange-red lips, black dress can be considered anytime you want without pondering. Even you are ready to a party  or want to appear with sexy and modern look, this combination is a not bad idea. That can be any black out fit, such as elegant jumpsuit, maxi or mini dress, pants or skirt and shirt.

Black clothes always look perfectly with various colors. You wil feel free to experient with interesting styling accessories like high heels, belts, jewelry and clutches.

One tip you have to consider is to do the best to make your complextion flawlessly. Because on the full balck suits with your outstanding lips, your face will be attracted more attention. That’s why you need to appear with a perfect image.

orange red lipstick

Orange red lipstick with white

If you want to stay on safe level, white will help you solve the color problems. You can not go wrong with white outfit when wearing any color lipstick including fastidous orange-red lipstick.  This combination can be taken advantage  all time of the year. Regardless of occasion you appear, don’t forget to pick up metallic jewelry and a pair of black pumps  for  your own, for example. You will look perfectly in everning white.

Orange red lipstick with blue

Blue is a perfect color, which help your orange-red lipstick become vibriant on this backdrop. There are various shades of blue such as aqua blue, navy blue, etc. it is easy to balance the overall makeup and go along with bright color lipstick as orange-red.

Orange red lipstick with metallic colors

Metallic clothes with orange-red lips is a chic union for modern women. Wearing a gold or silver dress with simple design is the best way to creating great look at parties. Metallic color is enough brigh for you  to apprear without complex style of dress and accessories. A simple A-line dress will bring you back to the twenties style.

Orange red lipstick with peach

If you want  to appear with a lovely and natural picture, you may opt a peach dress go with a orange-red lipstick. Absolutely, many compliments for a perfect combination will be for you.

Orange red lipstick with gray

If you want to have a modern and unique look, we suggest that gray is the best option for you. You may skip a classic combination and instead of picking grey for your clothing color. A bright orange-red lipstick will be balanced by a gray outfits. It may be a jumpsuit or dress.

10 best orange red shades for you:

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte In Flame ($54)

It is warm orange-red hue, which is a perfect lassic. The lipstick glides onto your lips with a velvetly smooth wash of color. The non-drying and easy-to-apply lipstick has a subtle vanilla perfume.

To be honest, there’s no need to say anything about this lipstick. Exept for the high price, which is totally worth it, everything about this lipstick is just awesome. This is my favorite lipstick! It comes with a gorgeous copper and gold with ‘TF’ etched on the one end of the case. Moreover, it has the signature ‘Tom Ford’ vanilla fragrance. Althought this lipstick is in the matte line, it does not make your lips feel dry at all. In fact, it feels weightless on your lips. This lipstick is super smooth and it can stay for more than 5 hours on your lips. Therefore, this can be the best red lipstick for olive skin.

orange red lipstick

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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture In Le Orange ($37)

It is one orange red lipstick with enough bright to make you more attractive in the room.    This is a range of luxurious, long-lasting, and ultra-pigmented lipstick. Besides the pure and highly pigmented color palette, its texture keep lips soft and while protecting them from the sun damage with SPF 15.

orange red lipstick

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Nars Lipstick In Heat Wave ($28)

The orange-red shades of Nars bring a youthful and modern feeling when you are wearing. With nourishing, non-drying texture and Vitamin E not only protect your lips but also give you a comfort feeling at the first application.

orange red lipstick

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Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick In C403 Vermilion Red ($22)

This lipstick has a warm orange-red shade with a satin finish which look perfectly with every skintone. Because of the most flattering color of lipstick and non-drying formula of the creamy, it is one of the best selling lipsticks.

orange red lipstick

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Mac Lipstick In Lady Danger ($17.50)

It is an awesome bright orange-red color in matte texture that is loved by all ravished woman. Lipstick has the Mac vanilla fragrance. The color is totally stands out and draws all attention to your lips.  Lastly, the lipstick can stay on for approximately five to six hours and is a perfect pick for any season.

orange red lipstick

Be a Dangerous Lady 


Maybelline Color Sensation Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color In Orange Shot ($7.99)

“Orange shot” is a bright bold orange-red shade. This color totally brightens your face up.  The lipstick has a liquid creamy texture. This range has a semi-matte finish but not dry completely and stay on your lips for around 4 to 5 hours depend on your drink and food.

orange red lipstick

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NYX Matte Lipstick In Indie Flick ($5.99)

This lipstick has bright, bold and flattering orange-red, mix a little neon. The texture is smothy and it can easily to glide and stay in your lips with a matte finish that never feel fry. It  can last on your lips for hours. And the last good thing of this lipstick is very cheap. No wonder whenever people talk about the best drugstore red lipsticks, they never miss NYX lipstick! Not just the matte line but the butter line rocks too.

orange red lipstick

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This post is our orange-red suggestions for you. Let’s share with us your favourite lipstick and review.



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Orange red lipstick is not hard to mix and match if you master these tips