Long nose hair solution: use a nose hair trimmer

Nose hair or nasal hair, is the hair in the nose (you don’t say??). Nose hair contributes to your well-being in several ways. However, if your nose hair is too dense and too long, it may be a problem. Who can be confident with the tiny hair waving from their nose? But how to get rid of it? The answer is simple: use a nose hair trimmer.

Why shouldn’t we pluck our nose hair and use a nose hair trimmer instead?

You should never do this as it’s more dangerous than you thought. Even though plucking nose hair may seem to be the fastest and easiest way, your nose hair is in the “triangle of death”. It’s the triangle between your nose and mouth. If you dig in your nose and try to pull that hair out, you get hurts and you get a little blood lost in there. Consequently, blood allows the bacteria in your nose to grow. Because veins in the facial area lack protective valves, the bacteria could theoretically enter your bloodstream and lead to infections elsewhere in the body. Therefore, never pluck your nose hair. Go for a nose hair trimmer.

How to use a nose hair trimmer?

This is a more expensive option than using scissors. But it’s the quickest and the safest for you. You can go for either electric trimmers or manual trimmers. Electric trimmers are quicker and more efficient, but manual trimmers don’t need electricity to work. Moreover, electric trimmers may tickle your nose a bit as the vibrating electric models.

You can find a nose hair trimmer at a pharmacy or department store for less than $20 USD. Some trimmers even come with attachments that help you shave eyebrows, beards, and other facial hair.

Tips for using a nose hair trimmer:

Don’t trim your nose when you’re not feeling very well. Make sure that your nose is clean and dry.

Trim your nose hair in front of a well-lit mirror. The light needs to be enough for you to see inside your nostrils.

Find a place to dispose of the hairs that you snip. It can be a sink, a waste bin, or a disposable towel

Only trim the long naughty ones that like to wave from your nose, not all of your nose hair. Removing nose hair completely has negative side effects.

Clean your nostril with a tissue, a sanitary wipe, or a nasal spray. Clean up the sink, the counter, or the floor also. Don’t forget to wipe the scissors with antiseptic or at least wash them with soap and water.

Best nose hair trimmers 2017:

Philips NT5175/49 Norelco Nose trimmer 5100 (replaces model NT9130/40)

This provides a comfortable and effective trim for both the ears and the nose, but it can also take care of unruly eyebrows and trim sideburns, neck hairs and stray beard hairs as well. Its real strength, though, is cleaning up the nose and ears. What a decent device that can handle multi annoyances, all in one product. The blade is made from sharp chromium steel surrounded by a skin guard. This skin guard is to ensure that the hair is cut but your skin is not. It only needs single, lithium AA size battery, for roughly 100 minutes of use.

Remington MPT-3600 Dual Blade Pen Trimmer

This nose hair trimmer comes with two titanium-coated, hypoallergenic blades on the Remington Pen Trimmer. Rather than rotate around the inside of your nose or ear, these blades simply clip the hairs. This means you have to be a bit more careful when using this nose hair trimmer. The Remington also functions as a trimmer for sideburns, mustaches and other facial hair.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

All you have to do when using this nose hair trimmer is insertin the business end of the trimmer into your nose or ear. After that, softly twist the bottom of the unit back and forth. The Platinum XL doesn’t have a vacuum system. This nose hair trimmer is made completely from stainless steel so it won’t rust, even if you use it in the shower. You can also put it in your pocket and carry it anywhere you want as it’s very small. This nose hair trimmer also gives you an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Panasonic ER430K Ear & Nose Trimmer with Vacuum Cleaning System:

This nose hair trimmer is the first nose and ear hair trimmer with a vacuum. It pulls the trimmed hairs into a collection chamber instead of leaving them in your nose or ears. Perfect for those who dont want to clean up after trimming their nose hair. This nose hair trimmer is carefully designed to leave a little hair behind so that it can do the job it grows for: filtering out dirt. The curved blades are made of stainless steel.

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Long nose hair solution: use a nose hair trimmer