Milk tea boba balls: is it okay if we are addicted to it?

A bit of back ground about milk tea boba balls.

Milk Tea boba balls or bubble tea, tapioca pearls tea,… is a beverage that came from Taichung – Taiwan in the 1980s. Now this drink is gradually spreading around the world.. Nowadays, Asian people, especially the young ones, are addicted to this drink. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason for this milk tea boba balls hype is the idea of snacking while drinking. Milk tea boba balls is served with a huge straw so that you can sip the drink as well as the balls at the same time and enjoy it. Trust me, this is addictive. How to resist the beautiful brown drink decorated with polka dots in the bottom?

The second reason, there are plenty of different kinds of milk tea and you can never try them all because each brand has their own significant drink. Also, there are cheap milk tea boba balls, middle and luxury. Everyone can try it.

Nowadays you can find milk tea with boba balls shops on almost every corner of Taiwan’s streets, the country where it comes from. The drink has also spread to neighboring countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia,… and then to the rest of the world, including the U.S. during the mid-1990s.

boba balls

There are now over 800 milk tea with boba balls shops in the U.S., mostly concentrated in New York and California. There are milk tea with boba balls shops which have been spotted in over 30 countries. Some of the most well-known brands are Gong Cha, Koi, Queenny,…

However, is milk tea boba balls a healthy drink? Is it okay to keep the addiction? Of course everything has the good and the bad side.

The good side of milk tea boba balls:

First, the boba balls and tea is derived from natural ingredients, especially tea. We all know that tea is good for us. Each tea has its own benefits for own health. Some brands offer fruit tea boba balls as well, which is also good for our skin. People on diet can try as well.

boba balls

Second, you can decide the amount of sugar you want. If you don’t want sweet drinks, you can ask them to not add sugar, or a bit. Usually you can choose between 30%, 50% and 70% of the amount of normal drinks. There are gluten free drinks too.

Thrid reason, if coffee is too strong for you, go for tea. Milk tea boba balls provide you with energy and refresh your mind.

Milk tea boba balls shops are also nice places for relaxing . For example, you can go to a bubble tea shop with eye-catching decoration to gather with friends, to have a date with your significant someone, to enjoy your free time alone.

Milk tea boba balls world is adventurous. The drinks can share same name but they taste different in different shops, different places in the world. Isn’t it fun to try your favorite milk tea boba balls brand in a different country? There are brands that can be spotted in over 30 countries. Great to meet your love in s strange place isn’t it?

However, anything too much is never a good idea. So is milk tea boba balls.

Milk tea boba balls is made from tea, sugar, milk. Milk and sugar can make you fat if you drink too much. Be careful with this. Not to mention the gelatin, puddin, cheese, cream added into your drink.

Second reason, some street milk tea uses unknown origin ingredients. Because it should be cheap so people have to use cheap milk, cheap tea, cheap sugar, cheap everything. Especially the balls. Some people may put chemicals in it to make it tastier. This is a thread to our health. What you are drinking is a chemical that is mixed with the purpose of profit, they buy it for a very cheap price

The third reason, you are easy to get addicted to this drink. You cant stop discovering. However, to have healthy milk tea boba balls, you must go for verified brands, which may not cost you too much for one time but if you do this every day, imagine the total amount of money you pay for milk tea boba balls for a whole month.

Bottom line about milk tea boba balls:

I don’t blame milk tea for its bad side because if you do anything too much, even if it’s good, you’ll get the opposite effect to what you expected. Milk tea boba balls is an amazing drink! However, if you drink it too much, it will be bad for your health, your appearance as well.

Therefore, get on the milk tea boba balls hype train wisely. Don’t drink too much. Avoid drinking at night and before you sleep as well. Tea may make you unable to sleep. Also, ask if they can reduce the amount of sugar when ordering your drinks.

One more thing, to protect your health, only go for verified brands or places that you know where the ingredients they use come from. No need to go for expensive milk tea boba balls only because not all milk tea bought at the market or on the street are dubious and harmful, some places still make milk tea with traditional ingredients, which is still delicious and nutritious. But it’s never a waste to be careful.

In general, milk tea boba balls is an amazing drink which is easy to get addicted to. It also bring some benefits to your health and mind as well. But don’t drink too much. The right amount is always the best. Therefore, drink smart, enjoy wisely. You can enjoy a good time, good view, tasty drink, nice music, beautiful background to take photos and keep the memories with your friends, your significant someone, your brother, your sister, anyone you want, anyone who like milk tea as much as you do without getting fat or broke.


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Milk tea boba balls: is it okay if we are addicted to it?