Is long lasting the only benefit matte lipsticks bring us?

When speaking of long lasting, we usually go for matte lipsticks. However, besides the long lasting benefits, matte lipsticks come with a lot more. matte lipstick gives your lips no sheen nor shimmer, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Actually, if you have never gone for the matte lipsticks, you could be missing out.

Why should we try matte lipsticks?

Matte lipsticks stays on your lips, not on your food. Meanwhile, lip gloss always fades after you eat. Thus, you have to take out the mirror and apply it again. Not very convenient isn’t it?

Okay, you’re cool with applying the lip gloss again after eating. But imagine you’re on a date with your crush or boyfriend. Things are going very well and the kissing part is already in your near future. What if after kissing your lip color disappears? What if your date opens his eyes and see a pale ghost? Long lasting matte lipsticks is obviously a better choice for dates than lip gloss.

Lip gloss is not windy days’ favorite. Not beach days’ favorite either. Because matte lipsticks are not sticky. It also stays where you apply it on. Wind, hair and sticky lips, what a nightmare! So are sandy lips.

In contrast to the glossy lipsticks, matte lipsticks give you a more natural look.

Are the reasons above enough to motivate you? Let’s get yourself a matte lipstick right away to get the long lasting, natural and sticky free lips. If you don’t know what lipsticks you should go for, take a look at this list.

Best long lasting matte lipsticks:

[CLIO] Mad Matte Lips #02 ($16.45)

Clio Mad Matte Lips is pigment-rich lipstick, long lasting and gives you a matte and creamy finish with 8 different colors:


#01 (Pink Flush)                        #02 (Sunlit Orange)            #03 (Red Supreme)                 #04 (Bloody Wine)

#05 (Russet Rose)              #06 (Sensual Pepper)                  #07 (Bare It All)                 #08 (Naked Coral)


[It′s Skin] Life Color Lip Crush Matte ($12.34)

Benefits of It′s Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte: vivid coloring like color pigment attached to lips, power adhesion pigment, long lasting lip color, plump effect on lips, completion of lips with volume. This lipstick comes with 10 different colors:


[3 Concept Eyes] Red Recipe Matte Lip Color ($18.40)

[3 Concept Eyes] Red Recipe Matte Lip Color is a matte type lipstick with creamy application. This primer-like consistency will keep its distinct color long lasting for all day.  There are 5 colors for you to choose. If you want to get all 5 but dont want to spend too much, you can go for the Red Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit. When speaking of the best Korean lipsticks, you have to mention this babe.


[Mac] Lipstick Retro Matte ($17.50)

The benefits of Mac Lipstick Retro Matte are true to color. long lasting, even application and convenient. There are 7 colors for you to choose.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Matte Lipstick ($5.99)

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Lipstick is a highly pigmented lipstick that glides on smoothly and  stays put. Benefits:

  • Velvety non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish envelops lips in rich color
  • Available in a palette of easy to wear shades from pure reds to natural nudes

Surprisingly, there are 45 colors for you to choose. With this price you can choose several colors at once without getting broke. Awesome, isn’t it?


URBAN DECAY COSMETICS Vice Lipstick Mega Matte ($17)

Vice Lipstick Mega Matte has it all to make your head spin: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals.  It’s long lasting withoiut making your lips dry at all. It will also surprise you with special free gift for ebery purchase.


Lipstick Queen Sinner ($24)

Lipstick Queen Sinners is the ultimate full-coverage matte lipsticks with 90% pigment. The Sinner formula takes creaminess to a whole new level. The formulation glides on, lasts beautifully and feels great on the lips. Each shade has been meticulously designed to be the ultimate in its category – lighting up your face and your mood!

CLINIQUE Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer ($18.50)

Clinique Pop Matte Lip Colour is a dramatic pop of matte colour + primer in one, full-coverage coat. It is appropriate for all skin types. Weightless yet pigment-saturated formula hugs lips with 8 hours of creamy matte comfort. Built-in primer helps smooth lips for an easy, even glide every time. Also you’ll get special free gift with every purchase.

COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick ($8.99) 

The Covergirl Katy Kat Matte Lipstick is demi-matte created by Katy Perry. CoverGirl’s Katy Kat Matte Lipstick has a soft finish that feels creamy and moist on lips. It is also very long lasting. If you buy 2 you’ll get 1 free.

So, have you found a matter lipsticks for yourself? Let’s say goodbye to the struggle of windy day and lip gloss!









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Is long lasting the only benefit matte lipsticks bring us?