Best Korean Skincare for Dry Skin Will Make Your Skin Better

Most people with dry, hard to manage sensitive skin, suffer with uncomfortable flare-ups of red, itchy and flaky skin. Mature skin, winter weather, and irritating skin care products may have contributed to your condition. Daily Korean skincare for dry skin is never been easier than this time. To help your dry sensitive skin feel and look healthy, you need a simple, daily skin care routine that will work for your skin type.

Dry Skin
Dry Skin

This article will help you establish a good dry, sensitive skin care routine, and provide sensitive skin care tips to help your skin become healthy, hydrated, and smooth. How to solve this problem? Follow us!

As you know your skin still gradual becomes dry by time due to dry climate (especially winter), too much sun, stress, poor diet, skincare… Besides, Dry skin is a sign of premature aging, making your skin appear darker and less fresh. So what can we do?

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking 8–10 glasses of water per day. Avoid hot water, use lukewarm water instead.
  • Apply moisturizer which is oil/cream based and avoid water based moisturizer during cold season. Avoid any products with alcohol.
  • Try a good microdermabrasion paste. I would only recommend using it 1–2 times a weekly with light pressure to help remove dead skin cells and apply a good moisturizer immediately following.
  • Protect your skin from environmental aggressors that can attribute to your dry skin by using a good sunscreen.
  • Use night cream before going to sleep
  • Apply Homemade Facial Masks for Dry Skin twice a week (easy, cheap and effective)


Korean beauty (or K-Beauty) is an umbrella term for skin-care products that derive from South Korea. Especially, It has pretty much taken an oath to knock out dry skin one scaly patch at a time. The best Korean skin care products for dry skin aim to improve your skin’s barrier function, so it can do a better job of keeping moisture in and irritants out, provide an instant boost of hydration and bounciness, and leave a thin, protective layer on the skin. Let’s think about glowing skin day by day.

Now I suggest you all some Korean skincare products for dry skin, I appreciate the most.

1. Moisturizing

About Dry skin, Moisturizer is the most improtant step in skincare routine. You can be lazy and skip some steps, but not this step. As the one who have dry skin, you should be sure to keep up with your daily moisturizing routine. “Lots of people make the mistake of skipping moisturizer once they start to break out, and then they end up with both pimples and dry, rashy-looking patches,” says Mariwalla. She recommended using LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream. This is a richly-texturized moisturizing cream that strengthens and retains moisture around the clock. Especially, Water Bank Moisture Cream is also Best Seller of LANEIGE – Korean Beauty, won Best of Beauty Allure The Beauty Expert 2016 Award.


  • Patented Hydro Ionized Mineral Water—fusing essential minerals zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and sodium—helps replenish and retain ideal hydration levels, preventing future moisture loss.
  • Olive squalane strengthens skin’s natural barrier, for intense nourishment.
  • Richly texturized for instant absorption, this cream relieves dryness and leaves skin hydrated and glowy.



Clinique is more luxury brand than Laneige. Their moisturizer can boost facial treaent. It helps enhance skin’s moisture level and restore skin’s balance, plumps up fine dry lines while soothing skin immediately. Skin appears softer, smoother and feels more comfortable. Perfect for all skin types. Oil-free and 100% fragrance-free.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, the thicker and creamier the moisturizer, the better. Let’s try Clinique – Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

Grab it your dry skin

2. Cleansing & Scrubbing

Keep in mind:

  • Wash your face 2-3 times a day and deep cleanse at night before going to bed.
  • Scrubbing should be an integrated part of your beauty routine. In winter limits scrubbing to once or twice in a week.
  • WARNING: Gentle with your sensitive skin. Read more: Carefully with exfoliating your skin

Regular exfoliation is especially important for dry skin—patches of dead, flaky cells not only look less-than-pretty, they also prevent moisturizer from penetrating in to and hydrating skin. An easy way to get your daily dose of exfoliation (without the risk of overdoing it), is to use an electric, oscillating face brush, suggests Mariwalla. “It makes for a more thorough cleanse, but also gently buffs off dead skin cells. By using it every day, you’re preventing the build-up of dry skin.”

A cult favorite with a worldwide following, Apricot Scrub effectively polishes and smoothens out skin by gently buffing away dead skin cells and surface impurities to reveal the radiant and youthful layer underneath. Antioxidant-enriched apricot beads cleanse skin of dirt and oil, while apricot oil hydrates and nourishes, refreshing and reviving complexion with every use. St. Ives – Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub is one of clean and gentle facial scrub.

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3. Sunscreen for dry skin

I think I don’t have to say more about sun damage and risk of skin cancer. Sunscreen is best friend when you are outside. During winter the sun might seem weak, but you still need protection from it. Don’t skip the sunscreen in winter season.

We are finding out a sunscreen that has just SPF 30+, infused with Antioxidants & Astaxanthin, Non-Toxic and more likely with moisturizing function. Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer, Broad Spectrum Spf 30 is the best choice we need.

Suntegrity moisturizing face sunscreen is a rich, non-greasy, “UV chemical-free” sunscreen that offers Broad Spectrum Protection against damaging UVA & UVB rays. Infused with youth promoting antioxidants, this 3 in 1 Suntegrity Skincare product functions as a face moisturizer, sunscreen and make-up primer all in one. Hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, red algae and Certified Organic: aloe vera, jojoba, sunflower, pomegranate, cucumber, and green tea help provide additional sun protection, moisture and hydration. Non-nano sized zinc-oxide not only protects the skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays, but it also soothes and calms the skin. Zinc-oxide is known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties that often help skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and melasma.

4. Toner

Skin secretes more oil in winter to compensate for the dryness. Thus, winter care for oily skin means more diligent toning in winter.

Rose, or rosewater, is one of the most amazing ingredients that you can include in your skin care routine. I appreciate Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner. will make your skin bloom. Thayers remarkably soothing Rose Toner is made with rose-petal water and proprietary Witch Hazel extract.


5. Skincare at Night

Dry skin is also sign of premature aging, wrinkles. So caring your skin at night is better to remove this trouble. Korean cosmetics are known as the thing that made by light and friendly material. So Korean skincare for night, especially for dry skin never takes you overtime. You can buy K-beauty products at or They are best places to own any Korean skincare products. You can also seek out anti-agers with stem cells or growth factors, which boost collagen production for smoother skin.

collagen eye masks

You can choose Etude House Collagen Eye Patch. These hypoallergenic eye patch sheets are soaked in collagen essence and botanicals and are absolutely killer at brightening dark circles and making rough, dry skin silky smooth. Reviewers say these do a great job of adding much-needed hydration to your skin — which provides the perfect base for makeup application.

Furthermore, you should put night cream before going to sleep. La Prairie cellular power charge night turn back the clock overnight. Cell turnover is accelerated and oxygen is boosted. Signs of aging are erased. Wrinkles are repaired. We found best anti wrinkle cream however worth price.

best anti wrinkle cream

LA Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night, 1.35 Ounce

Want to be Beautiful, you need pay for that, maybe so valuable. Sometime we can choose other methods with afforable price, but maybe it doesn’t have best effective like La Prairie.

Wake up to clearer skin when you apply this snail sleeping mask before bed and give it time to deliver the clarifying and hydrating properties of snail mucin extract. Reviewers with oily skin say they sometimes use this in place of a moisturizer and that it’s gentle and doesn’t cause pimples. Others say their skin feels and appears smooth in the morning and that their pores even look small. Except the snail mask mentioned above, you definitely should choose different types of snail mask such as SOO AE Hanbang Snail EGF Mask or Missha, Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

best korean face mask
Missha snail mask

Furthermore, You should stay away from fried food – Avoid heavy cheesy, fried and sugary foods in winter as this puts more pressure on your body. Remember “Eat healthy – Eat fresh and healthy foods. Add vitamins A and E to your diet.”

Hope some of these can support you care dry skin in the best way!

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Best Korean Skincare for Dry Skin Will Make Your Skin Better