Blue is the warmest color, but why and how to wear blue lipsticks perfectly?

When speaking of lipsticks, especially people who are new to the makeup world, red lipsticks are usually on top of the list. However, there are days you’re just sick of the ordinary life and want to do something else, something different, something crazy. On days like that you may need something weird. And for that reason, some unusual lip color can make it. If you’re a blue lover, why not go for a blue lipstick? Let Win That Look help you answer how to wear blue lipsticks. Why not? After all, bue is the warmest color, isn’t it?

Things you may not know about how to wear blue lipsticks:

Will it look weird with my skin tone?

If you are curious about the hot new shade, you have come to the right place. No matter what skin tone you have, you can apply blue on your lips. Let’s talk about blue lips — and it is not as the result of frostbite. It definitely takes confidence for a woman to pick a sapphire lip, but with sky blue and cobalt shades, deep navy and plush pastels popping up among our favorite lipstick brands, blue can be done. We have got the blues that work on everyone. If the light shade of blue does not work well for your skin tone at all. It feel like really bad costume makeup for you. But the dark blue is so sultry. You will be definitely persuade to wear it now.

The surprising benefits that blue lipsticks bring you:

There are some hidden benefits of wear blue lipstick. It makes your teeth appear whiter, helps your skin tone down yellow to counteract sallowness and gives you an overall appearance more youthful. I recommend you for trying Blue Velvet by Jeffree Star, MAC Matte Royal and Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor.

Blue lipsticks are celebrities’ favorite:

Blue lipstick is such an interesting shade that many famous people like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Olivia Palermo pick to appear on the spotlight. Rihanna was be not affraid to rock shades of blue on the red carpet in a sophisticated manner that reminds us that we should not be so quick to dismiss the color. In true 90s girl fashion, she worn a crushed velvet maxi dress match with layers of choker necklaces and metallic bracelets and rings. The rest of makeup is simple to make her lips stand out with blue hue. All eyes seem focus on her mouth as she have just created a new trend.

Many cosmetic companies have started to make multiple shades of blue lipstick. However, blue is still an unconventional shade, so you have to have careful plan to find the best way and shade for you to wear. Try rocking some blue lipsticks on the next night out to get a new makeup trend.

how to wear blue lipsticks

How to wear blue lipsticks in different shades:

Just like red lipsticks, there are a range of shades for blue lipsticks as well. However, you have to start with formula. Depending on what shade you pick to wear, you will have the choice of a liquid or creamy formula lipstick. Each of these formulas will give you a different appearance. The liquid formula lipstick may create a wet or shiny look, while the creamy lipstick give you more of a matte look. To keep in your mind that some liquid formula also provide you a matte look as well as creamy lipstick. Make sure that you checked the tube for details about the lipstick, both shade and formula. In this post, we just recommend 3 blue shades of lipstick to you: navy, denim and electric blue shade.

  1. Navy blue:

Navy blue lipstick can be really daunting to wear but it is flattering on almost every skin tone. It is also the most popular and easy to find in cosmetic store. If you are new to blue lipstick, a navy shade might be the best for you to start. You should find navy blue lipsticks in different shades, from lighter blue shades to dark navy blues that look almost black. It will be perfect if you wear it with natural, messy hair and a feminine dress or an all-black outfit. It’s not really daunting to wear once, you will get used to it and feel confident with it!

how to wear blue lipsticks

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  1. Denim blue:

Denim shades are more complexy than navy blue and may not work well with all skin tones. Try pairing a denim shade with a light smoky eye or a little bronze eyeshadow. This is a great shade to wear on a night out. Denim shades are more of a true blue or royal blue color. If you can’t decide on which blue lipstick to wear at the first time, I recommend Wild Mac Colour Rocker Lipstick Collection because it contains many gorgeous blue shades.

how to wear blue lipsticks

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  1. Eletric blue

If you love some color that are extra bold and adventurous,  you should consider wearing an electric blue lipstick. This shade is lighter and brighter than a navy or denim lip color, so it will definitely make the hottest trend. Electric blue lipsticks might work better for a spring or summer look, since they are light and bright. You can wear electric blue lipstick with bare skin and a bold cat eye liner.

how to wear blue lipsticks

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How to wear blue lipsticks?

  1. Start with clean lips

We have to start with clean lips to keep your lips always well hydrated. Using a lip balm, coconut or olive oil regularly will help you keep your lips smooth and flake free before applying lipstick.

  1. Use lipstick primer

Firstly, you have to prime your lips to get the best results from your lipstick. This will help your lipstick to stay for a long time and it will also help prevent your lips against lipstick’s damage. In general, most of bold lipstick contain chemicals and more pigments, more or less affect your lips. Primer will also make the lipstick stick to your lips a lot better when applying.

  1. Line your lips

Lining your lips with a lip liner in a color that is similar to your blue lipstick will make your lipstick look neater, create a smooth, precise edge. Line your lips along the outer edge of your lips, but make sure that you keep it on your lips and do not apply the lip liner outside of your lip line. For instance, you can use lighter blue shade than your chosen blue lipstick.

  1. Apply the lipstick

Be sure that you apply the lipstick evenly and saty inside your lip lines. With this bold shade, you have to apply two coast to ensure even coverage and to reach a longer-lasting finish. Do not forget to press your lips together after applying the lipstick to distribute the color on your lips. We advice you to use lip brush , it seems a little bit time consuming to do this but we are sure that the result will pleased you.

  1. Dab on some shimmery blue eyeshadow

Use your fingertip to dab some of the eyeshadow onto the center of your lips. Shimmery blue eyeshadow can add some extra shimmer and dimension to your lip look. It can give you a nice appearance. Apply a layer of lip balm over the eyeshadow to keep it in place. You should skip blue eyeshadow if you are going for a matte look.

  1. Plan to reapply the lipstick

Blue lipstick will look perfect when it is bold and even, so it is important to reapply regularly. You have to have a plan to reapply once every hour or after eating or drinking behaviors. We suugest that you always keep compact mirror handy to check and easily reapply your lips.

Makeup that can go better with blue lipstick:

  1. Keep your eyes make up simple

With a blue lip, you can look so dramatic, so I think that you should keep your eyes make up simple to make your lips out standing from a crowd. With a thin line of black eye liner on your top and apply some shimmery gold or silver eyeshadow. To finish your eye makeup, brush your eyelashes a couple of coats of mascara. You can experiment  bold eye makeup match with blue lipstick. But keep in your mind that the blue lipstick is already quite bold hue. You don’t need to make up your eyes too much.

  1. Use a lighter coverage foundation than your skin tone

Applying too much foundation can also be detrimental for a blue lip look. It can make you look more overdone since the blue lipstick is already so bold color. You should try to wear a light layer of your usual foundation or use a light coverage foundation with a natural tone. If you wear powder foundation, you  should weep on a light layer and do not apply multiple layers.

  1. Add a some bronzer and highlights

Finally , to finish your make up with blue lipstick, you should add a some bronzer and highlights. When you wear such a bold color as blue, it may cause your skin tone to appear lighter than usual you are. To avoid appearing with washed out or pale face, you need to contour your face with some bronzer and highlight on a few areas as well, such as on your cheekbones, forehead and T areas to make point the eyes for your face. You have to kip on the blush while you are wearing blue lipstick. It’s best to avoid applying too much color on your face because it will compete with the lip color.

What do you think about our tips? Do you have any tips to share with us? We hope that you have found out how to wear blue lipsticks..

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Blue is the warmest color, but why and how to wear blue lipsticks perfectly?