Height increase solution for the not-so-tall men

Why is height increase so important to men? The average height for men in America is 177cm, and 180cm for European men. When you are a man and your height is below the standard, there must be some certain disadvantages in your life. It can be frustrating to be lost in the crowd and cannot see anything but people’s heads at the concert of your favorite band, or to be the last kid to be picked on basketball team, or to have your clothes tailored because they don’t make suits in your precise size.

height increase

In fact, studies show that taller men are perceived as more powerful and more desirable for women. They even earn more money and have higher chances in finding jobs or being promoted to higher positions.

So in a tall-men world, what is the solution for us, the not-so-tall men? No need to be self-deprecating, there are tips to help you with the height increase, so that you can dress taller and better looking.

Choose clothes that fit your body

Stay away from baggy clothes, they make you look short and messy. Only wear clothes that fit your body precisely, you will look taller.

Monochromatic clothing is the best choice for height increase

Wearing clothes in a fairly consistent color theme, that will help create an illusion of height. You can wear different color shades as well, just try to keep it in the same theme.

When you wear clothes in different shades of a color, always use the darker colors in your bottom haft of your body, that helps keeping people’s attention in the upper haft of your body, making you look taller as it creates a lengthening effect for your legs.

Dark trousers with a lighter shirt would be a smart choice while a darker shirt with lighter pants are likely to make you appear shorter.

In height increase, less is more

Dress simply but effectively, try not to put on you too many layer of clothes. If you want to add more details on your outfit, wear a simple light colored shirt with bowtie together with dark trousers and put on a blazer for the complete simple look.

Wear medium or high rise pants:

The trousers definitely play a big role in your height, avoid low rise pants since it’s so outmoded and make your back look longer while shorten your legs. Wear medium rise pants or even high rise pants instead so your body would look more balanced.

Don’t forget your shoes!

Enough with combining outfits and accessories, what if you want to add real height?

Many brands provide high quality heeled-shoes with reasonable prices for height increase. Some short men find it’s easy and useful to wear them, but pay attention to your choices, heel inserted is a matter of your personal preference. They add height but also bring certain uncomfortable feeling when wearing. Do not wear thick-heeled-shoes or else you will end up tripping or tilted forward like a woman in high heels.

Classic accessories are your best friends.

Another important tip is adding accessories positioned high-up on your body, the idea is to draw people’s attention to your upper body part as it creates an illusion of height. Always go with classic style like lapel pins, pocket squares, glasses, etc. Be careful with long scarfs or belts as they give you a sloppy and heavy look.


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Height increase solution for the not-so-tall men