Best Glowing Skin Routine 2017: Have you known?

Whether it’s winter, fall, spring or summer, a consistent daily skincare routine for your skin type is always a must. Your skin is an extension of you, and your skin care routine should be specific to your skin type.

Is your skin ACNE, DRY, SENSITIVE, OILY or COMBINATION skin? Please determine your skin type and decide the right treatment to own the strong and healthy skin.

Win That Look supply you all some articles compatible with each skin type, you can refer:


Running your skincare routine suitable with your skin type is necessary, the first step to complete perfect skin process. When your skin is better, everything are balance, you should have a glowing skin routine to keep your skin stronger and more healthy. So This article I want to share you an easy glowing skin routine in a week. In addition to normal skincare, in this glowing skin routine I suggest things that you should concern day by day.

DAY 1: Clear skin

  • Use a gentle face cleanser to remove impurities
  • Next use a toner & End it with a good moisturizer
  • Use glowing masks & face packs extra glow
  • Practicing a night care regime is a must

DAY 2: Natural Skin

  • Apply fruit masks
  • Drink lots of fluids including water and fruit juices
  • Make sure to remove your makeup completely

To keep your skin and face young and healthy, maintain it’s natural.

DAY 3: Skin Protection

DAY 4: Fresh Skin

  • Steam bath to your face to open up the clogged pores
  • Use a cotton ball dipped in rosewater for fresh & healthy look
  • Repeat the night care regime as usual.

DAY 5: Massage

  • Massage your face using Aloe Vera gel
  • Use an under eye serum to diminish dark circles
  • Apply your favorite day cream, which contains SPF
  • Use a sandalwood face pack in the evening

DAY 6: Exfoliate

  • After daily skin routine, exfoliate your skin again
  • Now spray rose water all over the face
  • Try to indulge in drinking water & fluids

DAY 7: Relax

  • Indulge in some fruit facial on the last day
  • Protect the skin from heat and sun exposure
  • Drink lots of water to maintain skin elasticity

NOTE: In a week, you’ll notice a huge difference in the way your skin feels and looks. But remember, if you go back to your old hectic routine and neglect your skin, it will go back to being dull. These are easy steps of how to get glowing skin in a week that you can do everyday.


We are completely a skin care routine to glow skin stronger and healthier. Easy to conduct this routine, right?

Now I suggest you some natural and friendly products can support you better in this glowing skin routine.


Moisturizers prevent and treat dry skin, protected sensitive skin, improve skin tone and texture, and mask imperfections. Moisturizers are also used in the aftercare of recently tatooed/ inked skin and skin piercings. You can use Olive oil, Coconut oil that are best natural moisturizer for all skin types.

Besides you can try to use moisturizer of 2 best brands that includes these natural ingredients. They are Clinique and Laneige.

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Laneige is a Korean brand. Brand Launch in 1994.
The “Everyday New Face” Campaign is highlights the confident and energetic modern day woman

Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream: A richly-texturized moisturizing cream that strengthens and retains moisture around the clock.





Clinique Moisture Surge™ Extended Thirst Relief: Lush cream-gel penetrates skin, enhancing natural hyaluronic acid—nature’s perfect moisture magnet. For 24 satisfying hours, skin is plumped, dewy, glowing—from the inside out. Oil-free.


 ST Ives Scrub

Your skin renews itself about 30 days. If the old cells remain on the surface and build up, they can contribute to a flat, dull appearance, blemishes and scaling. Exfoliation also helps improve the penetration of your other skin products. Schedule an exfoliation plan to remove dead cells and comestic cover on your face will help your skin be more soft, smooth and fresh. However, find the right schedule exfoliation for you if you don’t want your skin has bad reaction.

A cult favorite with a worldwide following, Apricot Scrub effectively polishes and smoothens out skin by gently buffing away dead skin cells and surface impurities to reveal the radiant and youthful layer underneath. Antioxidant-enriched apricot beads cleanse skin of dirt and oil, while apricot oil hydrates and nourishes, refreshing and reviving complexion with every use. That is in St. IvesFresh Skin Apricot Scrub.

Rose Water

Rose, or rosewater, is one of the most amazing ingredients that you can include in your skin care routine. Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Formula Toner will make your skin bloom. Thayers remarkably soothing Rose Toner is made with rose-petal water and proprietary Witch Hazel extract.

These natural elixirs have been a fixture in medicine cabinets for generations. Once you use them, you’ll know why.

Perfect skin is dream of every women, Not easy but not dificult. Just remember “Never is too late to skincare”. Let’s start your skincare routine not to regret.


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Best Glowing Skin Routine 2017: Have you known?