How to do if your life is a mess

Perhaps you’re encountering a virtual stew of problems, that may include financial struggles, relationship problems, career confusion, health and wellness issues, or a general lack of clarity about the direction and purpose of your life  (and that’s just for starters, right?).  Perhaps you’re reeling from one massive mess-up and you don’t even know where to begin to bounce back from it.

Do not stuck in your mess


That’s not even the worst of it …

You can’t even put your finger on all that seems amiss, yet you know your life is off-track and you feel perpetually haunted by your inability to set things right.  You who are usually good at solving problems have no idea where to begin to untangle this mess.

What your “logical mind” is begging you for right now are solutions … answers … concrete ways to deal with your issues.  And, I get it – the issues can appear to be monsters.  When you’re not feeling financially secure or getting the love you want in your life or finding the meaning and purpose you’re dreaming of, it feels pretty crappy.  When you’re overwhelmed by mistakes you made or by mounting problems that keep coming out of the blue, you just want to know what steps you can take right now to make the pain stop.

It’s funny in a way that we approach solving our biggest challenges in life with the same thinking patterns that we use to complete a crossword puzzle.  No surprise, it doesn’t work!  We “fixers”  (aka control junkies) don’t like that.  We want to control the world around us.  We take pride in our ability to fix things … control things … in fact … control nearly everything. But that’s a heavy load to put on yourself and there are times when it’s simply impossible for your logical mind to give you the peace and assurance you need.

Jobs may kill you and put you in a mess

When life feels like a mess, I can’t emphasize this enough …

When we “fixers” can’t fix things, we get worried … scared … and sometimes we even turn on ourselves thinking there’s something wrong with us. Confidence plummets.

What you may need to consider though is that the answers you seek to the seemingly gargantuan web of challenges you face won’t be found in your mind. You need to go deeper … deeper into self-love … deeper into connecting with your intelligent core that resides within you.

Once you’re “feeling” gratitude throughout your body, here’s the next step: Take in three or four slow deep breaths. When you feel calm, seek the wisdom within your soul by asking:  What are you trying to tell me that I’ve been too busy to hear? What’s the most important thing that I need to know right now?” Then listen patiently and quietly for the answer.

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How to do if your life is a mess