How to do eye makeup for red lipstick to get the perfect gorgeous look

Are you having difficulty in finding the right eye makeup for red lipstick? Do you want to be more professional in makeup? Then, this is what you are looking for.

Why does eye makeup for red lipstick matter?

Hang on ladies, before talking about eye makeup for red lipstick, let’s talk about red lipstick first. Nowadays there are plenty of colors: red, orange, pink, nude, some vampy colors like brown, purple, some crazy colors like blue, white, sparkle,… But why does red lipsticks stand out?  Why is it the most popular color? Why does every lady must have a red lipstick? Even stars like Taylor Swift is obssessed with red lipstick as well.  For these questions, I have 3 best reasons for you:

  • First, red lipstick can make you look younger or older, depends on how you decide to use it. There is a shade of red for everyone. Also, according to a study conducted by Chanel’s R&D division and researchers at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania found that facial features—like lips and eyebrows—get noticeably paler as you age because your skin gets darker. When a woman is young, her lips are much redder than her skin, which creates an image of youth. When older women wear red lipstick, they can mimic that effect by creating a strong contrast again. “The redness of the lips decreases with aging, but the skin that surrounds the lips actually becomes redder, so the redness contrast between lips and the rest of the face decreases with age and that certainly is something that can be manipulated with makeup,” said Richard Russell, the lead researcher of the study.
  • Red lipsticks tend to help you get more chances by impressing people and make them remember you. For example, if you’re a waitress, you’ll probably get better tips. This will probably happen only with your male customers, but hey. A study from the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France found that waitresses who wore red lipstick got better tips from men. And this worked only with red lipstick. When they wore other colors, they didn’t get better tips. Weirdly amazing, isnt it?
  • You’ll take more selfies (which is a good thing). The more red lipstick you wear, the more selfies you take, therefore the more confident you are (well, in theory). That’s what one study conducted by CoverGirl and Harvard says. After surveying 1,000 women, the researchers found that those who wear lipstick post twice as many selfies a week as those who like to go natural. And women who wear red lipstick post three selfies a week, on average. The study also found that women who wear lipstick four or more days of the week had significantly higher confidence levels than those who wear it less. So grab your favorite red lipstick (here are some of our favorites) and wear it proudly.

eye makeup for red lipstick

Is it reasonable enough? Now let’s move to the next part. Here are some tips for having the right eye makeup with red lipstick. Bear in mind that red lipstick maybe becoming so common but not everyone knows the good and beautiful combinations of eye makeup and red lipstick.

Evening Glam eye makeup for red lipstick:

First, who doesn’t want to wear a bold red lip or a smoldering, smoky eye from time to time? Even if your daily look is casual, it’s always fun to punch it up occasionally. For the dressiest occasions, red lips can be paired with softly smoky eyes — as long as they’re neutral-toned and not overdone. After priming the lid, sweep a matte, peachy-beige shadow from lash line to brows. Next, line your upper lash line with a strong, jet-black gel, flicking up the outer corner. Smudge the liner well to enhance the smoky factor. Now, here is 8 specific steps:

  1. “When wearing red (or any pop of color for that matter), the lips command full attention, so dry, flaky skin is a no-no,” says Cosenza. “Exfoliate your lips using a disposable mascara wand or a dry toothbrush.”
  2. “After you’ve sloughed away any dead skin on your lips, prep them with a balm or a lip conditioner,” she says. “Carly used Aquaphor and then blotted her lips with a tissue after a minute or so to lift any excess. Leaving a lot of lip balm on before you apply red lipstick tends to make it look sheer, which you don’t want if you’re going for an opaque effect.”
  3. “Apply lip liner (that’s similar in color to the red lipstick you’ll be using later) to the border of the lips,” explains Cozenza. “This creates a boundary that will prevent the lipstick from bleeding or feathering onto your skin. Carly used MAC Lip Liner in Redd here.”
  4. “Then, lightly fill in your lips with the same lip liner used to outline them to give the lipstick something to adhere to,” she adds. “This trick also makes a ton long-wearing lipstick last for hours.”
  5. “Coat your lips in a red lipstick that works best for your coloring (go for orange-based shades if you have a warmer skin tone, and blue-based ones for cooler complexions),” says Cosenza. “Carly used Lancome Rouge,. You can choose different shades of red according to your skin tone. One way to find out if your skin is warm or cool is to look at the veins in your wrist. If they look blue, you’re cool and if they’re green, you’re warm-toned.”
  6. Powder your lips to finish the look. “To mimic Michelle’s satin matte finish—and to make the lip color that much more long-wearing—dust your lips with a translucent powder to instantly mattify them,” says Cosenza. “Carly used Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder to get this effect.”
  7. Pucker up, because, girl, you’re done!
  8. Go out and show off that signature lip color on Saturday night. Just be prepared for the barrage of compliments you’re going to get. You’re welcome.

eye makeup for red lipstick

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eye makeup for red lipstick

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Go Nude eye makeup for red lipstick:

There’s something super sexy about a glossy, true-red lip and barely their peepers. Trends come and go, but nude makeup will never go out of style. To show some love to our fave neutral looks, I asked makeup guru Alana Dawn to show us a few cool color combos that will make you want to go totally nude. And here is a full introduction eye makeup for red lipstick from her.

  1. Rub a lightweight moisturizer over skin from forehead to neck. Hydrated skin allows for perfect, even makeup application. Try L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius
  2. Use a skin tone-matching concealer to hide any imperfections, acne spots or dark circles around the eyes and nose. Use a thin concealer brush to dot on cream then blend gently and lightly till the area is covered.
  3. Blend a dime-size amount of a skin tone-matching foundation over the skin, being sure to smooth it down below your chin and back to your hairline so there are no visible lines or discolorations. Use a foundation brush or makeup blending sponge for the evenest Try La Roche-Posay Toleraine Teint Mattifying Mousse Foundation
  4. If your skin tends to be oily, use a large powder brush to dust lightly with a translucent loose powder to set your concealer and foundation in place. Try Dermablend Setting Powder If you’re not oil-prone, feel free to skip this step.
  5. Use your ring finger to gently blend an eyeshadow primer over your lids. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount and split that amount between both lids.

eye makeup for red lipstick

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Subtle Shimmer eye makeup for red lipstick:

Don’t you just love it when a new eyeshadow or lipstick completely shake up your makeup routine?  We all need our go-to “five-minute face”, but it’s good to try and stay open-minded to new products, too. You never know – you might find a game changer. These eyeshadows from Estée Lauder were just that for me! I love that they have a subtle shimmer without feeling over the top and the shades play well with the florals that we are seeing everywhere this season. They’re perfect for creating a pretty nighttime look that isn’t too heavy for summer. You can dampen your makeup brush if you want the colors to be more vibrant but I am loving the soft pastel look we created today on Lander:

  1. Using a wider eyeliner brush like the one in this kit, smudge a dark charcoal gray color like “Cyber Metallic” along the upper lash line.
  2. Cover the remainder of the lid with a pale shimmery pink like “Cyber Pink” and then focus a shimmery purple like “Cyber Lilac” towards the corners of the eye and in the crease. (Tip: Blending is your friend here and since the colors, all compliment each so well. Feel free to blend away!)
  3. Focus a peachy pink color on the apples of your cheek to compliment the purples in the eyeshadow.
  4. Give yourself two coats of mascara allowing the first coat a chance to dry a little before adding the second coat — I like Dior Show for tons of drama.
  5. Finish with your favorite pink lipgloss! You are ready to go.
  6. Step 6: In a brow-hair matching shade, use a eyebrow pencil to make short hair-like strokes from the inner edge of your brow to the tail. Then use a brow brush to blend the color into brows so they look full and defined. Try NYX Eyebrow Powder Pencil
  7. Sweep a champagne eye shadow from inner to outer corners of eyes and into creases. Then use the same shade to dust lightly under lower lashes from inner corner to the middle of the lash line.
  8. With an eyeshadow brush, apply an espresso-colored shadow from the middle of the upper lid to the outer corner of the eye and into the crease. Blend it well so it looks smoky.
  9. Use the same shadow to blend under lower lashes from the middle of the eye to the outer corners.
  10. Use a rich brown eyeliner to line both upper and lower lash lines from the middle of the eye to the outer corners.
  11. Curl lashes and apply 1-2 coats of black mascara to both upper and lower lashes. YSL The Shock Mascara
  12. Dust a peach powder blush along cheekbones and back to hairline.

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All in one word, I hope this eye makeup for red lipstick can help you somehow. Be beautiful girls, because you deserve that. If dont know how to choose the right one for you, dont worry, we have got it all right here on Win That Look, to help you wear red lipstick like a fashionista.

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How to do eye makeup for red lipstick to get the perfect gorgeous look