Best temporary hair dye for colorful ladies

You may have noticed that this whole pastel temporary hair dye trend has taken hold of the beauty industry and rightfully so, it’s downright gorgeous, but I personally care more about the health of my hair than I do about the trends (and the cash!), so I consider a bit of a DIY job instead, and there are plenty of ways to get those stunning mermaid locks with temporary hair color. And since most temporary colors wash out in as little as two shampoos, you can have fun with trends you’d normally hesitate to try.


  1. Chalk temporary hair dye:

Good old fashioned hair chalk is also one of my favorite ways to add temporary hair dye color to our hair. There are so many options, and the consistency is perfect for sticking with your hair! Also, tons of brands also sell sets to make it easy. The tips I learn with hair chalk is to actually take individual strands and make them damp, and then apply it. 
temporary hair dye

  1. L’oreal temporary hair dye chalk:

The L’oreal temporary hair dye chalk comes in eight fun shades. It is actually a liquid formula and lasts through several washes – I recommend applying it to damp hair and then blow dry to make it last longer. Since it’s still a temporary hair color and won’t damage your hair, you can switch colors or revive the one you like until you grow tired of it.

  1. Rita Hazan Pop Color Temporary Color Spray

This spray-on color produced by hairstylist Rita Hazan and is a good temporary option for a fun night out – or just whenever you want to add a pop of color. It washes out easily so you can have fun without any commitment.

  1. Bumble and bumble’s Spraychalk

They come in four pastel shades – a blush, mint, lavender and cobalt – and can be sprayed directly on hair for fun placement and designs. I personally think this is the most easy-to-use product, and it will only last until you wash your hair, pretty quick and easy.

temporary hair dye

  1. Redken Rebel Color Hair Make Up

I like this color for when I want to explore with more muted colors on my dark hair. The colors aren’t as intense as other brands, but goes on smoothly and tends to lasts longer. The actual process is a bit longer than your typical hair dye, because you have to apply the color with a sponge, but you have more control in the application since the color will only go where you apply.

      6.Clairol Natural Instincts

This is a easy-to-use, ammonia-free formula enhances color and shine, but does not lighten hair and it lasts temporarily. Clairol says this demi-permanent dye lasts through 28 shampoos. The color began to fade after about three to four weeks in my experience. The shade range is pretty great, follow the instructions carefully and you should be able to try out different colors without damaging your hair too much.

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Best temporary hair dye for colorful ladies