Best pink lipstick – the perfect combination of sexiness and purity

We have written a lot about red lipstick. Now that you’ve already found your perfect red lipstick . . . and have bought several backup tubes, in addition to deeper crimson shades and vampy burgundies. However, there is another amazing lipstick color too, which is pink. Have you found the best pink lipstick yet? From bright corals to barely-there nudes, no matter what your skin tone may be there’s always a pink shade out there that is perfect for you.

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Why should we know the best pink lipstick for us?

While red represents power, danger, passion and love, pink represents caring and compassion and love as well.

According to colormeaning , pink stands for unconditional love and understanding. Pink is also associated with giving and receiving care. Pink is a combination of red and white, so both colors add a little to its characteristics. Therefore, it gets the lust for action from the red color, and the white color gives it an opportunity to achieve success and insight. Passion and power from the color red, softened with the purity and openness of the white color completes pink color meaning. The deeper the pink color, the more passion and energy it radiates.

Pink lipsticks give a softer impression than that of red lipsticks. While red is usually sexy, attractive,…  Pink is more naive, comforting and cute. Sometimes if you want to go for a cuter look, get a pink lipstick! Now let Win That Look help you figure out which is the best pink lipstick for you.

Best pink lipstick

Start With Your Undertones:

How many skin undertones are there?

To discover your lipstick soulmate, you first need to know your skin’s undertone. Why? Your undertones determine which color palettes will enhance your natural features. Undertone can be simply understood as a tone color below your skin. If you have this knowledge in your makeup toolbelt, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect match. There are 5 common undertone colors:

  1. COOL – Red, pink or light blue tone (cool color).
  2. WARM – Brown, Yellow (warm color).
  3. NEUTRAL – Both Cerise and Yellow or Neither.
  4. NEUTRAL COOL – Neutral colors but cooler.
  5. NEUTRAL WARM – Neutral colors but warmer.

How to know what your undertone color is ?

There are several ways, and I will show you the most 4 common ways, which I think is easiest. The result is not always right, but don’t worry, we have 4 ways:

  • Wash your face, then wait 15 minutes. Your skin should be clean and free of makeup, lotion, or toner. Your skin needs to rest for about 15 minutes before proceeding, as your skin may appear pink from scrubbing and make it difficult to see your true undertone.
  • Find a natural light source. Different light bulbs can affect your skin differently–they may give it a yellow or green cast, and interfere with the appearance of your skin tone. Choosing a sunny spot to look for your undertones will prevent you from misjudging your undertones.Try sitting next to a window.If you have an outdoor seating area, go outside.
  • Look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist. This is a quick way to determine your undertones if your veins are visible. Hold up your arm in the natural light and determine the predominant color.

If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.

If your veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone.

If you can’t tell if your veins are green or blue, you may have a neutral skin tone. If you have an olive complexion, you likely fall into this category.

Use your skin tone as a guide to find the best pink lipstick for you.

The next step in finding your perfect pink lipstick is knowing your skin tone. Skin tones fall into three major categories: fair, medium, and deep. Spoiler: if your foundation has the word alabaster, porcelain, light, or pale in the name, you have fair skin. If that doesn’t apply to you, keep scrollin’.

Now, let’s move to the interesting part, the best pink lipstick for all the skin tones:

Best pink lipstick for fair skin tone:

The options for fair skin tone are far more varying (and confusing), making it challenging to pick your ideal pink color, so knowing your undertones will be the key to your beauty

For those of us with fair skin and cool undertones, barbie or candy-colored pinks will make your undertones pop. On the flip side, peachy-pink will subtly downplay your undertones creating a softer look.

For women with fair skin and warm undertones, we suggest a warmer pink hue like coral. You can also try a formula that is either crisp in pigment, or soft and sheer.

Some best pink lipsticks for fair skin tone:

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine in Conte ($37)

This balm-gloss-lipstick comes in the shape of a twist-up pen. This design oftens makes us want to twist it up. However, in order to avoid breaking the lipstick, because it is creamy so it’s pretty soft, I suggest twisting it once. Therefore, only a small amount will be exposed.

The color of Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Complete Care Lipshine in 202 Conte is light warm pink. It is very creamy and smooth and balmy on your lips. It is also comfortable, glossy and moisturising. The texture of this lipstick is semi-opaque. Semi-opaque means the colour in the tube might not look so intense as it may appear on your lips. However, this depends on how pigmented your lips are as well.

Well if you love creamy and moisturizing lipsticks, this is a very good choice!

best pink lipstick

Take it here

Giorgio Armani’s Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick in Peony ($38) if you’re looking for a bright pink.

This Giorgio Armani’s Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick comes in a standard Giorgio Armani black box packaging; having all information written on it. Inside is housed this beautiful, delicious, lip-smacking red color lipstick metallic tube casing. The cut of the top of the bullet is oval like, sharp and extremely unique. It has a lip-balmy; almost “Boroline” kind of fragrance; which I totally love.

The lipstick has an extremely creamy texture and glides on almost effortlessly on the lips. It goes on creamy and very hydrating on the lips; and then settles down to a semi-matte yet moisturized. Though the color is subtle; it gives the true color on the lips in 2-3 swipes as on the bullet, and easily covers any pigmentation on the lips, yet it is not a full coverage lipstick by any definition.  It stays on for 5-6 hours, with light snacks in between, which is pretty good.

Best pink lipstick

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Best pink lipstick for medium skin tones:

Good news! If you have a medium skin tone, AKA a complexion that is “olive” or “tan,” you can wear any color under the sun. Yes, we’re jealous. Since your skin is fairly neutral, you don’t have to worry about finding the right hue to complement your undertones. Pretty much everything will look great.The only rule for those with medium skin? Stay away from pink lipsticks with blue undertones. Those hints of blue and purple will make you look washed out. Instead, she recommends going for a luscious, shimmery watermelon shade or a nude-ish pink. If you have a medium skin tone, these lipsticks will give you the perfect pout:

Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine in 06 Pink In Devotion bright hibiscus pink ($37)

Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine in 06 Pink In Devotion bright hibiscus pink gives you a luminous shine without the stickiness of a gloss. Well, the true pink is here. In addition to itYves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Volupte Shine is really creamy and hydrating. Creamy to the point of being “watery”. Very lightweight as well. It is packaged luxuriously and pretty cool.

This lipstick is formulated with hyaluronic acid that seals in moisture for 8 hours of hydration. Your lips will feel soft and kissable after just one swipe thanks to its conditioning emollients and antioxidants. It has a little bit of slip but it doesn’t bleed and gather around the edges.

Best pink lipstick

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Lancome’s Color Design Lipstick in Socialite ($23)

This lipstick is many makeup artists’ favorite. So, for a lovely watermelon shade, you should definitely try this.

The formula as you can see is “Matte”. However, it is not like MAC’s Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo. It is a Matte but in a good way- more like a creamy matte! Lancome’s Color Design Lipstick does set as a matte finish but it feels the extremely lightweight and creamy. Few simple swipe is all you need, no tugging or pulling. Also, ingredients like TITANIUM DIOXIDE prevent the absorption of ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun; therefore it has SPF factors which help in sun protection. Very Nice! I am impressed! Moreover, its staying power is decent too: around 5 hours!

Best pink lipstick

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Best pink lipstick for dark skin:

Women with deep skin tones look absolutely radiant in bright colors– so don’t be afraid to go bold! More muted, neutral lipsticks will make you look washed out. If you’re looking for a showstopper, choose a bright pink with magenta or fuchsia undertones. For a less conspicuous look, try lighter, purple-toned pinks. And bottom line? Don’t be shy when it comes to bright colors. Because you’ll look great in almost anything. So, let’s check some of our favorite pink lipsticks that will complement your deep skin tone:

Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick, Impassioned ($29.50 FREESHIP)

MAC describes Impassioned as Amped-up fuchsia. This lipstick has an amplified finish. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick Impassioned is a coraly pink lipstick with no shimmer. This lipstick is super pigmented with a bright lip color and creamy finish and texture. Also, the staying power is very impressive: 8 hours. Moreover, it pretty much survives the drinks and meals. However,  after a while it becomes transfer resistant.

Buy MAC now

NARS Funny Face Semi Matte Lipstick ($24)

Like the other NARS’ lipstick packagings,  Nars Funny Face comes in a super sleek matte rectangle tube. Nars describes this shade of lipstick as wonderfully fun fuchsia. Even though this is a lipstick with a semi-matte finish, it still retains sufficient moisture. Therefore, you dont have to worry that it will dry your lips.
In addition to the super moisturizing texture, this lipstick set into your lips very quickly, within less than 2- 5 mins after applying. As a result, it doesn’t transfer on your glasses , cups or straws or food at all!
Speaking of staying power, this lipstick holds up extremely well. In other words, it stays for at least half a day without having to touch up. However, due to the consumption of food, like most lipsticks, it will require re-application.

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Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture Satin Radiance Lipstickin 76 Explicit Pink ($42)

Yves Saint Laurent – denoted as YSL, the leading French fashion brand of the sixties, is famous for its daring, bold costumes, leading the way for a number of iconic fashion trends. YSL is not only famous for the fashion. In 1978 YSL first launched its line of cosmetics in which YSL lipstick is a famous high-end lipstick that is popular within both men and women.

In particular, Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture Satin Radiance Lipstickin 76 Explicit Pink is one of the most beautiful lipstick designs. Because YSL 76 Explicit Pink carries the world-class design of the world’s most famous brand with a square-shaped, square-lipped, square-lipped square body wrapped in gold-colored gold. And, the YSL logo is intertwined between the body and the soles of the lip, it is not wrong to judge YSL 76 is one of the most luxurious and beautiful lipstick.

 In addition to the luxury design, Yves Saint Laurent’s Rouge Pur Couture Satin Radiance Lipstickin 76 Explicit Pink comes with the following benefit of achieving pure color in a satin or matte finish. Moreover, hydrospheres and natural extracts provide all-day comfort and hydration for your precious lips too.

Best pink lipstick

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Have you found your best pink lipstick? What do you think about our list? Share with us. Also, be beautiful, because you deserve that, even more than that.



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Best pink lipstick – the perfect combination of sexiness and purity