Best MAC lipstick and how to get all of them in the cheapest way

MAC cosmetic is a very world-famous brand of makeup products. Moreover, the most well-known and also best-selling product of MAC is lipstick. In fact, some of MAC lipsticks have been the iconic lipsticks some celebirties wear. For example: Taylor Swift Rita Ora with MAC Ruby Woo, Miley Cyrus with MAC Shy Girl, Emma Watson with MAC Exaltee, Kendall Jenner with MAC Restless and many more. There are several different lines of MAC lipsticks. Let’s find out which one is the best MAC lipstick of each line and how to get them without spending too much.

About MAC cosmetics:

For the fans of MAC cosmetics, you may have already known. However, for the new people, let me tell you why you should let your makeup kit have at least one from the best MAC lipsticks.

The history of MAC cosmetics:

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetic) was founded in Toronto in 1984 by Frank Toskan, a makeup artist and photographer and Frank Angelo, a beauty salon owner. They brainstormed a makeup line together in their kitchen to find solutions for professional makeup needs. They packaged products in black jars, and it has gradually become its own specific. Headquarter of company is in New York City and became part of the Estée Lauder Companies in 1998.

MAC cosmetics today:

MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetic) is a professional makeup cosmetic famous in the world. MAC is a pioneer in creating new makeup trends, with products that are simply and sophisticated designed, unique in color, with true color effect on your lips, MA.C is truly a reputation cosmetic brand, it is not only for users around the world but also becoming  the darling of makeup professionals.

What makes MAC lipstick so popular:

Mentioned about MAC, we can’t mention the wonderful lipstick that all girls are ecstatic and want own one of them. Lipstick has a wide variety of colors, from quietly, sweet as the twenty-year-old girl, luxurious, seductive as the fashionable ladies, MAC always has many choices for all ages and all skin color. Furthermore, the lipstick with the standard color, soft texture, smooth, soft vanilla fragrance characteristic with the ability to retain color long without drying yours lips like other lipsticks, MAC lipstick will help yours face become brightening with a highlight lip color. None of young lady favorite cosmetics that do not heard the MAC brand or dream to have one of MAC lipstick in their life.

best mac lipstick

Think about MAC lipstick, all ladies often think of the matte lipstick, make the lips dry terrible. It’s just part of women who know MAC through flashy looks and seem to be the default. But when you learn more deeply and only women have passion about MAC are really understands everything about the line MAC cosmetics.

With terrific palettes that almost no brand can catch up with them: from the common colors to the extremely strange colors that the girls do not think there will be a color of a lipstick (black, brown, purple, silver, blue …) MAC also has seven lines with different lipsticks that are suitable for all requirements from cute girls to prissy girl. Each color has a personal name, separate and it’s unmistaken with other lipsticks, it can be MAC lipsticks.

Best MAC lipstick of different lines:

Best MAC lipstick in the matte line:

About the lipstick:

The Matte series is the most famous and best-selling product line of MAC.  The feature of matte lipsticks is not glossy, not emulsified with smooth matter. The advantage of the matte line lipstick is that the color is very good, it covers your lips in long time and the color is very lively.

However, if you have terribly dry lips,  you may need some lip balm before applying any MAC matte lipstick. So if you do not want to dry your lips when using this type of lipstick, you need to use a layer of lip balm before applying lipstick. In addition, you can also have to exfoliate the lips regularly and frequently. The color of this line is extremely diverse and bright. It satisfies all the needs of the ladies from sweet, cute, high look to luxury.

Best shades:

MAC Russian Red is one of the most popular products in this line. It’s a classic-red, velvet dark-red, lip color increases the sexy, elegant as a fashionable lady. Because it’s in the matte line, it can stay on your lips in the long time, smooth matter, it is a red lipstick that all connoisseur girl must have in their lipstick collection.

best MAC lipstick

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Other popular colors: Pink PigeonLady DangerKinda SexyDiva …

Best MAC lipstick in the Retro Matte line:

About Retro Matte Lipstick

This is a new line of MAC lipstick, like the Matte line so it is also good matte lipstick, no light, no glitter. However, MAC adds some nutrients to it. Therefore,  it is more innovative than the old Matte line.

It is a super matte line with the biggest feature is to keep the color very good, from 7-8 hours that lipstick still on your lips. It has many colors lipstick that are very suitable for young girl such as MAC Dangerous orange, M.A.C All Fired Up… MAC Dangerous orange with bright orange look extremely youthful and active, does not make the girls are aging as many are still afraid of red lip. MAC Dangerous is suitable when you do not make up, still give the most beautiful red color as possible.

Most famous shades:

If you are a Taylor Swift fan, good news for you. We can get the Taylor Swift red lipstick with only 17 bucks? Taylor Swift told People magazine that she “recently discovered Ruby Woo by MAC, which I think everyone knows is a staple. I was the last person to discover it.” Mac Ruby Woo is the inspiration behind Rihanna’s RiRi Woo lipstick collaboration with MAC Viva Glam, and it’s also a Teen Vogue 2014 Beauty Award winner. In fact, this is one of the best-selling shades of Mac.

best MAC lipstick

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Other popular shades: Relentlessly RedFlat Out Fabulous, Steady Going,Runway Hit

Also, if you prefer liquid lipstick, MAC offers you the Retro Matte Liquid lipstick line as well. The colors provide you with a splash of color in a liquid-suede finish that lingers. Moreover, if you want to be more impressive, you definitely should check the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour Metallics.

Best MAC lipstick in the Amplified Crème line:

About Amplified Creme:

This is one of the many lines of M.A.C, also the matte line but it is in cream, non- glitter and light, it is especially really soft. If you just try the Matte line and conclude that the MAC lipsticks are dry your lips, because you have not tried the Amplified Creme line. Amplified Creme line will give you the feeling of mild and much more wet. However, in terms of color fastness, this line can hold only 3 – 4 hours, half the time of the Retro Matte or Matte line.

It is a soft lipstick, smooth texture, color is quite stable, color highlights, the lip look like matte but still has gloss. When you add it on the lips, it is extremely prominent or if you like lightly, just lightly brush a layer into the lips, the lipstick on yours lips will be smooth and moist. It makes your face brightened and it suitable for every girl when they go to school, shopping or party.

Most famous shades:

MAC Amplified Creme lipstick in Impassioned is one of the best pink lipsticks. This lipstick has an amplified finish. MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick Impassioned is a coraly pink lipstick and super pigmented with a bright lip color and creamy finish and texture. Also, the staying power is very impressive: 8 hours. Moreover, it pretty much survives the drinks and meals.

best MAC lipstick

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Popular colors of Amplified Creme line lipstickViolettaHalf ‘n’ HalfUp The Amp

Best MAC lipstick in the Satin line:

Satin line is a semi-matte lipsticks. MAC Satin lipstikc line is between the Matte and the Amplified. Satin lipstick is very smooth and shinning, but soft lips with a lot of nutrients, standard colors. When using this line, you don’t have to worry that will dry yours lips like the Matte line but it is not really the cream so the color fastness is quite good.  In fact, Satin keeps the color very well even when you eat a lot.

Popular colors of Satin lipstick line: Sushi Kiss, Mocha…

best MAC lipstick

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Best MAC lipstick in the Cremesheen line:

This is a lightweight line with many nutrients. If feels very comfortable on your lips. MAC Cremesheen is very smooth. It is perfect for women who do not like Matte lipstick but still want to use lipstick have color fastness for  a long time and have standard color.

Popular colors of Cremesheen line lipstick: Pure ZenSaigon SummerSpeed DialShy GirlLickable,

best MAC lipstick

Best MAC lisptick in the Lustre line:

This lipstick is very easy to use in everyday life because of its light color. It is a lip balm that contains a lot of nutrients, just a layer of lip gloss that the girls are very prominent and feminine. Lipsticks of this line do not have glitter. In fect, some lines have light glitter but generally its glitter effect is not very clear. Lipstick matter is rated as lightweight, very suitable for girls who like natural makeup.

Popular shades of Lustre line lipstick: Lady BugLove LornJubileeFlamingo,

Best MAC lisptick in the Frost line:

This is a strange lipstick for some people. Not many people mention about this line as much as they do with the Matte and Retro Matte. However, the Frost lipstick will show us another aspect of the M.A.C. Frost line is a lot of lip balm with a little glitter that help the lips always tight. The lightweight lipstick is very suitable for the gentle natural makeup of the gentle girl.

Popular colors of Frost line lipstickAngelDesigner BlueFresh Moroccan and many more wacky colors for you to discover.

How to get every best MAC lipstick of each line the cheapest way?

And the best of the best, if you want every best Mac lipstick of each line, but you’re afraid of getting broke, don’t worry, go for the Little MAC. They have all the qualities of every best MAC lipstick of each line, but with smaller size. Therefore, you’ll have the chance to try the best Mac lipsticks with a very reasonable price: $10.

What do you think about our MAC lipsticks review? If you have not had a M.A.C lipstick, don’t fear to try once time in your life. Let’s comment to share with us your favorite products.


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Best MAC lipstick and how to get all of them in the cheapest way