Best long lasting lipstick – watch out, you won’t help loving it

Lipsticks add the colour and shine to your lips. Your makeup will never be completed without lipstick. However, your makeup will decide the colour and kind of lipstick that you must wear to create the perfect look for you. Sometimes, the occasion is a factor that you have to choose what lipstick to wear. Glossy lipsticks give a shiny look, matte lipsticks give a natural look while the long lasting lipstick give a best long staying power. Therefore, finding out the best long lasting lipstick is very important.

Long lasting lipsticks, as the name implies,sometimes are glossy but somtimes give a matte look to your lips. Long lasting lipstick benefits are many. Lipsticks stay for a longer time and also blends well with your lips. You will love to wear long lasting lipstick as it comes with a lot of benefits. It gives you an elegant face and makes you look more graceful for a long time.  Anyway, long lasting lipsticks are beneficial in many ways and you must try it.

However, before applying the best long lasting lipstick on your lips, let’s check some tips to make the best out of it.

The guide to long lasting lipstick

Whether you like to use lipsticks, lip stains or liquid lipsticks, how apply for smudge-proof and long-lasting color that will take you from day to night…

Keep your lips smooth by exfoliating them

Exfoliate your lips regularly as you can to keep them soft and to sop the dry skin on your lipstick. You can buy exfoliating lip scrubs or just use toothbrush with soft bristles – a child’s one works well, brush with the circular motions. The skin on your lips is very delicate, so make sure to be firm but not too rough. Keeping your lips exfoliated weekly will help prevent lips chapping and keep them smooth. Your lipstick will go on smoother and make it stay looking great for longer.  It’s especially important if you’re going to be applying a matte long lasting lipstick, which tends to be more drying and is likely to cling to any dry patches on your lips.

Keep your lips well hydrated, always.

We have to start with clean lips. To get long lasting lipstick, you need to make sure that your lips are perfectly clean. Any grease or oil from fruit , for example, coconut or olive oil, will stop the lipstick adhering to your lips. Wash your lips thoroughly before applying lipstick and blot them to make sure there is no moisture left that could ruin the effect of the lipstick.

Using a lip balm regularly will help yo keep your lips smooth and flake free. But it’s also a good idea to use it underneath your lipstick too. Apply lip balm for about some minutes before you apply lipstick and it will hydrate your lips and stop the lipstick being absorbed to your lips. The best way for you to do this in the perfect way is applying lip balm first, and then make up your rest face.

Use lipstick primer

To get the best results from your lipstick, first ly, you must prime your lips . Simply dab a little of normal liquid concealer all over your lips. Make sure that you blend it right to the outer edges. Not only will this help your lipstick to stay all day it will also help prevent your lips against lipstick’s damage . This one small extra step will provide a smooth for your lips. It will make the lipstick stick to your lips a lot better when applying. Primers have a waxy texture that helps lipstick stay longer and look great.

Get to know the brands and shades

The lower price lipsticks are going to fade very quickly. So it will be better to spend a little bit extra money  to get a high quality lipstick brand, if you really want it to last longer. Lipstick is one of makeup items that you really get what you pay for. That is why you have to go for the quality brand of long lasting lipstick, whenever you can.

The shade of lipstick that you use will also determine how long your lipstick last on your lips. In general, the fader of the lipsticks, the faster it will wear off. The darker colors contain more pigment, so they keep their color for longer time. They also are less to get rubbed off when you drink and eat or even when you lick your lips.

And, last but not least, how to apply lipstick

Firstly, applying lip liner will help you make your lipstick look neater, create a smooth, precise edge. It also set up a base for your lipstick stick to. You can use a liner that is lighter shades than your chosen lipstick, or one that matches the natural color of your lips. Starting by lining the curved part in the middle of your top lip, then line the rest of your top and bottom lip. Loking from the mirror again and check you are pleased with the shape before filling  your lips with lipstick.

Secondly, to reach a longer-lasting finish, apply the first coat with a lip brush, which will give you more control and make the application more precise. Blot with a tissue paper, then use the lip brush again to apply a second coat. It seems a little bit time consuming to do this, but that one extra coat really does make the big difference. As well as making the lipstick last a lot longer time, it also makes your lip color look a lot more vivid.

Next, as a final touch to keep your lipstick for longer, once you apply your lipstick, dust over your lips with a fine, translucent powder. This will help your lipstick set and it will keep looking perfect for hours.

Finally, you have to consider to skip the lip gloss. Lip gloss often contains oils and other ingredients that can break color of lipstick and dilute the effectiveness of lipstick. Lip gloss over lipstick may look great, but you shuold skip it if you really want your lipstick to last a longer time.

Best long lasting lipstick suggestion:

Burt’s Bees Lipstick ($9)

The first suggestion for the best long lasting lipstick is a product from Burt’s Bees. You must consider natural lipstick combine with long-lasting formula of Burnt’s Bees Lipstick. But this drugstore product is one of the highest offerings out there, for both its none of toxic chemicals and staying power. This lipstick is made from natural ingredients and ensure that your lipstick would be safe to eat.

Another important thing I want to point out about these lipsticks is that they can hydrate and moisturize your dry lips for about 8 hours. These have really helped keep your lips always nice and soft.  The Vitamin, natural formula featuring Beeswax, Moringa Oil and Raspberry Seed Oil are probably the reasons for that.

best long lasting lipstick

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Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick (retail for $7)

Nyx Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick has tottaly 24 sultry shades.  These liquid lipstick take about a few seconds to dry matte on your lips without any cracks or dryness on your lips and last for a long time. This formula actually made some reviewers feel like their lips were moisturized at all. They tend to settle on your top lip even though you work out with it and drink too much water. The formula is exceptionally very smooth and instead of drying to a tacky finish or dry-looking and matte-feeling, it leaves your lips a unanimously velvety finish but also ensure the perfect staying power.

best long lasting lipstick

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NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil($24)

Just so you know, Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil is Taylor Swift’s favorite lipstick. It even appeared in a selfie with her and Karlie Kloss. In that selfie Taylor Swift was holding the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl – a siren red shade. This is also one of their best-selling shade. Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil has a nice, smooth application. It also sets quickly to your lips. Moreover, it has a very creamy, matte look.  This is a great candidate to be the best long lasting lipstick.

best long lasting lipstick

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Good news for you, you can have the chance to try 2 colors by buying their Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Duo, which is a duo of jumbo-size lip pencils in two hot shades with creamy, matte finishes. You can choose between 3 pairs: Cruella/ Dolce Vita – scarlet red/ dusty rose, Train Bleu/ Intriguing – deep aubergine/ rose pink andDamned/ Walkyrie – magenta/ warm coral red creme. Get 2 lip pencils for $20 ($29 value).

best long lasting lipstick

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For those who wants a gift set, you should take a look at NARS x Man Ray: The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set. You will get four lip shades, sealed with a golden kiss of a cosmetic case. This is limited edition. You will get the $98 value set with $49, which means you’ll save 50%.

best long lasting lipstick

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Tom Ford Matte Lipstick ($54)

I know, I know. This is a pricey lipstick. However, except for the high price, this lipstick has everything needed to be the best long lasting lipstick. Come to think of it, people still go crazy for it even though the price is not very friendly. Why? Because you indeed get what you pay for and it’s worth every penny. If you intend to step into the luxury make up world, this is definitely a must-have item. If not, it’s still good to treat yourself sometimes.

Even though this is a matte lipstick line, it does not dry your lips at all. These lipsticks have a wonderful, soft vanilla scent that’s not overpowering. The texture is creamy, incredibly pigmented and full, opaque coverage which can be achieved in the first swipe. he formula is so lightweight and smooth without slip, it’s such a pleasure to apply and you can feel very comfortable to wear it. Its staying power is decent: 4 to 5 hours of wearing with minimal eating and drinking.

This lipstick comes from a luxury brand name, luxury design and high quality as well. It maybe hard to finally decide to buy it. However, once you buy, you wont regret.

best long lasting lipstick

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What do you think is the best long lasting lipstick? Share with us. And dont forget to always stay beautiful!

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Best long lasting lipstick – watch out, you won’t help loving it